Road Trip Restaurant Bingo Free Printable

Ready to hit the open road? Whether you will be driving across country or flying to a destination and exploring by car, road trip restaurant bingo is a great way to keep kids occupied and looking out the window. 

Road Trip Restaurant Bingo Free Printable

Road Trip Restaurant Bingo Free Printable

I don’t know about your kids, but as soon as mine get in the car for a long drive they want a movie or their nose is stuck in a book. While that suits me just fine on the highway, during scenic adventures I would like them to look out the window and explore. 

I have learned through experience the best way to get my kids looking out the window is to give them something to look for. Road Trip restaurant bingo games are my favorite solution. 

This time I put a new twist on my Road Trip bingo — Restaurant bingo. 

Road Trip Restaurant Bingo Free Printable

The idea is to look for restaurant signs, which is perfect for little ones. Even kids who can’t read can find logos. In my family, we like to play where whoever spots the logo points it out for everyone to cross off. Our goal is for the whole family to find everything.

Older kids might want to make it a competition by allowing only the person who sees the sign to cross it off. However your family plays, have fun.

Download the Restaurant Bingo game here

The game will print with two boards on one page. Kids can mark off the restaurants as they find them with pencils or stickers. We use clipboards to keep our printable games organized.  

Pro Tip – Slip the restaurant bingo printable into a plastic sleeve and use wipeable markers to play again and again.

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