Choosing The Perfect Maternity Photo Dress

When it came time for baby number three, I was determined to have maternity photos taken in the perfect maternity photo dress. For some unknown reason I never wanted to do a maternity photo session with my first two pregnancies. In fact, I was very against it with my first born and with my second I only had my husband take some photos in the back yard. But for baby #3, I wanted to go all out, and I did.

Maternity Photo Dress

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I started looking for my maternity photo dress super early, like 15 weeks. I searched everywhere. It was quickly evident that nothing from a local store was going to make me happy, so I would defiantly be purchasing online. I was obsessed (as pregnant ladies get) with finding the perfect dress. My poor husband was boarded to tears with all of the options I showed him. 

The worst part was, I didn’t even know what I wanted. I didn’t have a color or style in mind — I just knew I would know it when I saw it. 

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Maternity Photo Dress

And then I found it. All of my searching ended up leading me to Etsy. I never thought about a custom dress from Etsy, but there they were — the perfect maternity photo shoot gowns. 

There are several sellers who make maternity photo shoot dresses, but I ended up choosing a dress from Sew Trendy Accessories. The shop had the widest selection of styles and colors.

Sew Trendy has lace, chiffon and jersey knit dresses in every color imaginable. Some dresses are form fitting, like mine, and others that are flowy. There are even have ones that are cut away to show off your baby bump. I swear, there is a style for everyone.

To make the dresses even more perfect, you can add certain features like cut shorter, long sleeve or on the shoulder vs off. 

Ultimately, I choose the Audrey Maternity Gown in blush pink. But I wanted my shoulders covered since I would be taking pictures in November, so I added an on-the-shoulder option ($8) to the dress. And if I do say so my self, the dress is perfection.

Maternity Photo Gown

Maternity Photoshoot Gown Details

I debated what size to order, for most of the measurements I was an XS. My my hips were 1 inch into the size small, so after consulting the shop owner via chat I went with the small. A perfect choice for me. 

I also had a hard time choosing between blush pink and dusty rose from the tiny color samples, so I chatted with the shop keeper who was kind enough to send me images of dresses in each of the colors to compare. Again, sooo happy with the blush pink I chose. 

I ordered the dress with plenty of time to spare, in late September for an early November photo shoot and it arrived promptly in October. So I had weeks to find a backup plan, just in case. But I didn’t need one! (Rush shipping is available if you are looking more last minute.) 

FYI – Sew Trendy makes non-maternity versions of their dresses too! A friend bought ones for a mother/daughter photo session, and I can’t wait to see how hers turns out. 

Maternity Photoshoot Dress

Girls Lace Dresses

After choosing my dress, I had to find coordinating dresses for my daughters. Sew Trendy also sells dresses for girls, but I wanted something different.

I found exactly what I wanted from a different shop on Etsy and nearly bought them, but on a whim I checked Amazon and found nearly IDENTICAL dresses to what I choose for half the price. Half the price, Prime shipping AND free returns if they didn’t work out. My kind of shopping.

So I ordered the dresses from Amazon, and they were perfect. I highly recommend theses little lace dresses – I may have the girls wear them again as their Easter dresses! 

The dresses from Amazon come in off white, cream, pink, black, red and navy. They fit exactly as expected and are made out of the softest lace. I highly recommend these dresses. 

Girls Lace Dress

Other Places to Buy Maternity Photo Dresses

Etsy isn’t the only place to buy maternity gowns, in my search I also discovered Pink Blush. Although I didn’t buy my maternity photo shoot dress from Pink Blush, I did order my baby shower dress from there. And I loved it too! (Actually, I ended up buying several pieces from Pink Blush that became some of my favorite maternity clothes to wear.)

Other places to find maternity photo dresses include:

Good luck in your search for the perfect Maternity Photo Dress, I could not be more pleased with mine! 

Photography by Tara Merkler

Maternity Photo Dresses

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