Earn ExtraCare Bucks At CVS Pharmacy Inside Target

As a loyal CVS customer for years, I am a big fan of ExtraCare Bucks. How could you not like receiving rewards for purchasing things you already planned to buy anyway? This post is sponsored by CVS Pharmacy.

ExtraCare Bucks are a win-win for customers like me, and it keeps me going back to CVS. Now that CVS Pharmacies are also inside Target, I can earn ExtraCare Bucks for having prescriptions filled at CVS while I shop at Target. One-stop shopping with purchase rewards – I like that.

CVS Pharmacy Target

Although I hope you are already well-versed in ExtraCare Bucks and why you should love them, just in case I am going to tell you all about them. ExtraCare Bucks are dollar-off coupons that can be used toward prescriptions at CVS Pharmacies inside Target (and everyday purchases at CVS retail locations). Doesn’t everyone want to save a couple of dollars off their next prescription co-pay?!

How To Earn ExtraCare Bucks

After signing up for the free loyalty program, you automatically earn $5 ExtraCare Bucks for every 10 prescriptions filled. And since the program includes all of the members of your household you will earn rewards on all regular prescriptions for your and your spouse as well as any antibiotics or anything else your children might need. Think about how fast that would add up for your family. 

Earn ExtraCare Bucks

You can also earn rewards for getting immunizations at CVS and various activities on CVS.com like signing up for refill reminders.

How To Earn a $5 Target Gift Card

Planning to get a flu shot? Right now CVS pharmacy inside Target is offering a special promotion for Target shoppers to earn a $5 Target gift card for getting a flu shot. It’s more convenient than going to the doctor for a flu shot, and you will walk away with a $5 Target gift card. 

$5 Target Gift Card Offer

Whether you are a former Target pharmacy customer or a CVS Pharmacy customer CVS Pharmacy now inside Target welcomes you to get your prescriptions filled while you shop. And, of course, earn ExtraCare Bucks for doing so! 

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