Choosing The Perfect Paint For A Big Girl Room

After months of searching for the perfect “big girl” bed and bedding, Sissy recently moved into her new room. She’s settled in nicely, and I love how the furniture works in the room, but months later we still haven’t gotten around to painting her walls. They’re sad and plain walls, with big holes left over from the board that used to hang in the room. But we are finally fixing that problem!

Bedroom Before Painting

A big thanks to Valspar Paint for sponsoring this post.

When choosing paint for our house, we have always selected Zero VOC* paint. VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can negatively impact indoor air quality — both when painting and for years afterwards — by emitting a low level of chemicals into the air. Between my asthma my constant efforts to select the most green products for use around my children, this has been a sticking point with me for years.

It used to be harder to find high-quality zero VOC* paint, but technology has come a long way and now you can easily buy high-quality paint with zero VOC. Recently, Valspar announced the first complete line of  Valspar Zero VOC* interior paints. So now when choosing Valspar paint, all choices are Zero VOC* — not just the most expensive paint. The new line of Valspar Zero VOC* paint is sold exclusively at Lowe’s, so off to Lowe’s to pick the perfect color we went. 

Choosing Valspar Paint Color

Taking inspiration from her bedding, we decided to choose a teal color — but what shade? I have to admit that choosing the perfect paint shade is always a dizzying task for me. Once we narrowed it to three shades, we picked up samples to try out. 

You guys, I was super excited to see flyers advertising Valspar’s Perfect Color Guarantee. If you don’t love your color, you can get a new color for free! Valspar, this makes me so happy! Visit your local Lowe’s to find a color you’ll love.

Mom Tip – Lowe’s offers a product called Spot On that includes three clear decals, three mini rollers, 3 paint trays and coupons for $5 off any gallon of paint and a coupon for a free paint sample. Priced under $15, the coupons help this tool nearly pay for itself. And it is perfect for picking the perfect color.

Valspar Zero VOC Paint Colors

With samples in hand, we returned home to choose a color. After much debate, we selected the middle color (ocean breeze). 

Next week, we will paint the walls and transform her new bedroom. I can’t wait to see the final product, and I will share it with you soon. 

Valspar Reserve Paint

Valspar helps you breathe easy.

*This product contains 0 g/L VOC as calculated within the margin of error by EPA Method 24


5 thoughts on “Choosing The Perfect Paint For A Big Girl Room”

  1. I can’t wait to see the result! The color you guys chose is beautiful. We are planning on painting our kids bedroom within the next couple weeks. I’ll definitely be picking up some Valspar paint!

  2. That color guarantee is a nice feature offered by Valspar. Paint is so expensive. I always struggle with wasting money while trying to find a color I like. Regarding the Spot On, do you paint the decal and then hang on your wall to see how you like the color throughout the day? Thanks!

    • I know! Picking the right paint color stresses me out. I still have one room that we painted that didn’t turn out the way I hoped, but after all the $$ and effort I haven’t changed it! (3 years!) Yes, the decal is a clear repositional sticker. So after painting it (on a pile of newspapers), I peeled off the back and stuck it to the wall. (That’s the picture with the 3 paint colors on the wall.) I left them there for a day or so, and then I peeled them off and moved them around the room to see how the paint looks in different areas (behind the headboard) on the shaddy wall, etc. I loved the flexibility. I will use them from now on!

  3. What a better place to have fun with color your kid’s bedroom! I really liked your innovative ideas and thoughts. Calming paint colors. Rich colors and soft pastels lend a calming feeling to these spaces. I loved the flexibility. Good luck with your painting. You have done a great job.


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