Mommy And Me And Minnie Mouse Dress Up

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My favorite day of the week is Friday. Not just because it kicks off the weekend, but also because it is “stay home with mommy day.” In other words, Sissy doesn’t go to school on Friday so it is mommy-daughter day. Fridays are filled with tea parties, craft projects, dress up and lots of playtime – I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

In a world filled with imagination, I never know what our day will hold. I let Sissy dictate the activities of the day, and they are always filled with her favorite Disney Junior characters including Minnie Mouse. 

Minnie Mouse Toy Kitchen

It’s no surprise that Sissy is such a huge Disney fan, after all she has been going to Disney World since she was one month old. (True story!) In our house Disney magic is synonymous with childhood, and no one in our family ever wants to grow up. From parks and movies, we are captivated by the Mouse, and we encourage our girls love for all things Disney. (There *might* be a Disney movie on in the background while I write this post.)

Minnie Mouse Kitchen

Minnie Mouse Dress Up

Sissy was tickled pink to discover mommy had special surprises for our time together that included new Minnie Mouse dress up, a Minnie Bow-Tique Fancy Bows Dress with Headband and a Disney Minnie Bowtastic Kitchen Playset — all from Walmart. I could barely remove the tags before Sissy was pulling on her new costume. 

Minnie Mouse Playtime

I’ll let you in on a little mommy secret. She thinks all of the new Minnie Mouse dress up gear was just for her, but I have selfish reasons too — I like to play with her. Interactive toys like the Minnie Mouse kitchen are perfect for mommy and me moments, and I can’t help smiling when she offers me a cupcake cheers. Do plastic Minnie Mouse cupcakes taste better than regular plastic cupcakes? I think so!

Minnie Mouse Tea Party

Technically we celebrated Mother’s Day a couple of weeks ago, but I celebrate Mother’s Day every Friday morning when Sissy and I play with no interruptions. I absolutely love this age, and wish she could stay this way forever. Since she won’t, I take endless pictures of playtime, trying to preserve these memories forever. 

Tiny Toes

Trying on new outfits is never just putting on clothes, it is a fashion show that includes spins, twirls and many fancy poses. Who wouldn’t love this Minnie Mouse Toddler Girl Tee and Skirt Outfit Set?

Minnie Mouse Clothes

I only have one more year of our special Fridays before she heads off to school full time, so even when I am “busy” I try to make the most of these days. Right now her little hand fits perfectly in mine, but I know it won’t always. I would freeze moments like this in time — if only I could. 

Disney Holding Hands

For my little fashionista, comfort is just as important as style. That’s why we both like stretchy cotton clothes featuring Minnie Mouse like this Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Girls’ Peplum Tunic and Leggings Outfit Set.

Minnie Mouse Fashion

Whether you are planning a trip to Disney or your little one just wants to play Minnie Mouse dress up everyday like mine, you can find a great selection of Disney Junior. Minnie Mouse items at Walmart. Help make playtime with your little one special by celebrating the magic of childhood and Disney.

Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Dress Up

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