Everyone Has A Story ~ Choosing The Right Hospital To Be Part Of That Story

People go to the hospital every day, and while they may have similar ailments no two people have the same story. This is especially true with children. Like every other choice parents make for their children, choosing the right hospital can mean the difference between being treated as just another patient and being treated like an individual. At Florida Hospital for Children great care is taken to ensure that each child’s story is heard and families become part of the decisions big and small.

One of the many unique story’s is Dasah’s story. Although Dasah’s time in her mother’s arms was a brief 12 hours, Florida Hospital for Children’s pediatric palliative care team worked with her parents to make sure each moment was rejoiced according to her parents’ wishes. Her story is one of strength and of compassion as an entire hospital came together to celebrate her short life.

Although Dasah’s story is sad, it has a beautiful message of hope, and it is just one example of how choosing the right hospital for your child can write a beautiful story. Her story is worth sharing because it is full of love and compassion even in the face of tragedy.

Dasah's Story
While stories like Dasah’s are incredibly rare, Florida Hospital for Children’s pediatric palliative care team offers expert medical care, compassion and communication at every stage of the journey. If you or someone you love are in need of medical care for a child learn more about how Florida Hospital for Children can help provide unique care for every story.

Although no one wants their children to need the services of a hospital, choosing the right hospital starts with choosing a hospital that recognizes that each child’s needs are different.

Thank you to Florida Hospital and Dasah’s parents for sharing her inspiring message.

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