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66,000 toilet paper tubes. That’s how many toilet paper tubes Americans use approximately every two minutes. 66,000 tubes – every two minutes! The number is crazy, and when you multiply it out the number becomes even more staggering – it becomes 47 million toilet paper tubes in a day and 17 billion toilet paper tubes in a year. That’s a lot of cardboard tubes. Scott Tube-Free toilet paper is on a mission to reduce the number of tubes used by encouraging people to toss the tube and use tube-free rolls. 

Think about it. Why do we really use cardboard tubes in a roll of toilet paper anyway? Because that’s just the way it has always been done. Well, that’s not a good reason. And Scott Tube-Free toilet paper proves you don’t have to use a cardboard tube to make a roll of toilet paper effective. As you can see, the roll retains its shape even without a tube.

Scott Tube Free Toilet Paper Roll

My family has been using Scott Tube-Free toilet paper on and off since it came out a year or so ago, and I can tell you from personal experience it makes no difference as to whether or not there is a tube. In my house the only difference is that instead of an empty tube on the holder, there is nothing on the holder when someone finishes a roll. (Because tube or no tube, no one in my house is capable of putting on a new roll!) 

I’ve been asked before if the toilet paper just falls off at the end of the roll, and I really haven’t found that to be a problem. The roll certainly looses the ability to hold its shape, but hanging from the toilet paper holder it does just fine. I am going to guess that at the end the kids probably just use up the last of the toilet paper, even if it is a LOT more than they need — but that’s kids. 

Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper

As part of a campaign to highlight just how many tubes Americans use, Scott Tube-Free toilet paper partnered with YouTube prankster Roman Atwood to pull a prank on his friends using 66,000 toilet paper tubes. So if you have every wanted to know what 66,000 toilet paper tubes looks like this is your chance. And even if you haven’t wondered, the prank is worth watching for a good laugh. 

Although I can’t get over Fouseytube’s face when they crash, all I really want to do is dive into the pile of toilet paper tubes like Logan Paul did in the video.

In your house switching to Scott Tube-Free toilet paper would eliminate the use of approximately 150 tubes per year. (The number of tubes an average American family uses in a year.) That’s a lot of tubes saved for just a tiny change. 

Scott Tube-Free Toilet Paper Coupon

If you haven’t tried Scott Tube-Free toilet paper, toss the tube and grab a coupon to save $1.00 off  Scott Tube-Free toilet paper. Download the Scott Tube-Free coupon here.

And as a PTA Mom, I feel it is important to point out that Scott Tube-Free toilet paper also offers Box Tops for Education to help your school! 

Scott Tube Free Box Tops

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  1. It’s causes a great number of cutting trees to maintain all the 17 billion toilet paper tube demand as mentioned. I hope so incredible situation if we don’t avoid to use toilet paper tube as well as toilet paper immediately. On a long run it will increase the green house effect and become a threat for our existence. I can’t think about it more……..


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