6 Things Moms Want To Know About Zootopia (Spoiler-Free Review)

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Zootopia will capture your heart. It is so unlike any animal movie ever done, and yet it has every beloved Disney element including clever humor, lovable characters, smart lessons, a great story and a catchy theme song. In this Zootopia spoiler-free review, you will see why I recommend this movie for kids of all ages. 

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My favorite thing about Zootopia are the meaningful lessons it teaches children (and adults) about being the best person they can be. In Disney’s magical way it gives parents an easy way to talk to kids about big topics like finding similarities instead of differences in others. I am all for a happy movie with good lessons. Read more about five of the lessons Zootopia teaches kids

Zootopia Juddy Hopps Nick Wilde

6 Things Moms Want To Know About Zootopia

But wait, isn’t it PG? 

Yep, but so were Frozen and Tangled. And since no one dies in Zootopia, it is more tame than most of the cartoons we watched as kids that had G ratings. 

Is it dark or scary?

No, Zootopia isn’t dark or scary. There is, of course, a villain. But as far as villains go, this one is no Evil Queen. During the climax of the movie, my oldest (7) did grab my hand in anticipation of what was to come, but more because she wanted the good guys to win (which they do, of course). There is a startling moment in the movie that will likely make everyone jump when a character lunges, I did, but it is a quick startle that is instantly over. 

Zootopia Juddy Hopps Saves Mouse

Anything inappropriate? 

There is no foul language or sexual undertones in the movie, phew! But they do stumble across a nudist colony. Really, I don’t think my kids understood what was so funny about that scene — after all aren’t we used to seeing animals “in the nude?”

If you watch Breaking Bad, you will easily recognize the scene that references the show. It shows animals “cooking up” their secret weapon. But unless your kid watches Breaking Bad, they won’t get it. (And if they watch it, then you aren’t concerned!) 

Zootopia Nudest Colony

Will I like it?

Oh my goodness yes, it is everything you want in a Disney movie. The humor is witty and the story smart. And I think I already mentioned my love of the lessons in the movie. You will leave grinning from ear to ear. Need more proof — Zootopia currently sits at 99% Rotten Tomatoes (with only one rotten tomato – there’s one in every crowd!). 

For even more enjoyment, look for these 6 Zootopia Easter Eggs hidden in the movie. 

Will my kids like it?

Yes. They will want to be Officer Judy Hopps, they will giggle and they will ask to watch it again and again. (But you won’t mind.) Oh and the catchy pop song “Try Everything” by Shakira, go ahead and buy the MP3 now because they are going to beg for it. 

Zootopia Gazelle Shakira

Will they want all of the Zootopia toys?

Duh. Is this really a question you have to ask? Of all of the Zootopia merchandise I have seen so far, the must-have item is the Carrot Recorder Pen. Trust me, my kids wanted one before they even knew it was a toy. We have one already, but if we didn’t I think it would be a great gift from the Easter Bunny….

Zootopia Carrot Recorder Pen
And look for the Zootopia Gazelle App from the movie coming very soon – I can’t wait! 

See Zootopia in theaters now! 

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