6 Things Moms Want To Know About Zootopia (Spoiler-Free Review)

Zootopia will capture your heart. It is so unlike any animal movie ever done, and yet it has every beloved Disney element including clever humor, lovable characters, smart lessons, a great story and a catchy theme song. In this Zootopia spoiler-free review, you will see why I recommend this movie …

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5 Lessons From Zootopia

5 Lessons Zootopia Teaches Kids (And Adults)

Disney movies are not just heartwarming and funny with great characters, they are also filled with messages to inspire, remind and teach. Zootopia is filled with important messages about acceptance, self-examination and staying true to yourself. In a clever, light-hearted manner this world of animals embodies the best (and the …

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Disney Zootopia Easter Eggs

6 Hidden Zootopia Easter Eggs

Discover 6 cleverly hidden Zootopia Easter Eggs including references to Disney movies past and future, inside jokes and special cameo appearances.

Zootopia Statue

Disney’s Zootopia From Story To Animation

Before one animated character is drawn, it is all about the story. And when I met with the story team from Disney’s Zootopia I learned that the process to get the story exactly right is on going from initial ideas through the last deadline, changes big and small happen can happen everyday and …

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Zootopia Poster

5 Reasons Zootopia Is Different Than Any Animal Movie You’ve Seen

Disney has a long history of animated films starring animals that have captured our hearts including Bambi, The Jungle Book, Dumbo, Robin Hood, The Lady And The Tramp (currently playing at my house) and The Lion King. From the what I have seen of Zootopia, Disney’s newest animated animal film will rank …

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