Monogrammed Soap Dispenser (New Mom Gift Idea) + Printable Tag

I like to think I wasn’t totally crazy when I was a new mom (ha!), but there was one thing I was completely unrelenting on. You must wash your hands before you touch my baby. I don’t care if you washed them before you left the house or five minutes ago, wash them again. I might have driven a few people crazy, but that was my thing.

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Being the ever-practical gift giver, I love to gift things to new moms that will actually get used. So when creating a gift basket for my sister’s new bundle of joy I decided to include one of the most important things in my baby arsenal — a soap pump. But a plain bottle of soap isn’t very fun, so I dressed it up with the baby’s monogram and a cute printable gift tag.

Monogrammed Soap Dispenser

Monogrammed Soap Dispenser
Don’t you think it will make people smile when they wash their hands before holding the new baby?

I use my Cricut to cut silver vinyl letters for the monogram and some baby feet rub ons that I had on hand, but you could use any stickers or rub ones to decorate the bottle. Just peel the label off, apply a little Go-Gone or lemon essential oil to remove the reside, decorate, tag and gift.

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It’s practical, thoughtful and inexpensive thanks to using the Dollar General Body store brand.

I am amazed every time I discover a store brand that is exactly the same as the name brand I have been using. I am such a creature of habit that I tend to buy the same brand over and over. But discovering a store brand that costs less than half of my name brand, that’s a reason to change my ways.

Dollar General Body

I took the Dollar General Body challenge and discovered six Dollar General Body products that mirror products I use regularly. Not only do the packages look similar, the products smell similar and the ingredients lists are identical. Several of the products even say right on the label, “Compare to…”

Dollar General Body
But the price, not at all similar.

How is this for comparison, Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion 5 oz $4.75. Dollar General Body Daily Moisturizing Lotion 12 oz $2.95. Comparing apples to apples, that’s $.95 per oz vs $.25 per oz. (Note: I use the larger pump size at home in the same package as the Dollar General Body version.)

Dollar General Body Lotion
I didn’t take pictures of all of my finds, but here are the Dollar General Body prices:

  • Dollar General Body hand soap refill (compared to Softsoap) $2.50
  • Dollar General Body clear hand soap (compared to Softsoap) $1
  • Dollar General Body facial scrub (compared to St. Ives) $2.50
  • Dollar General Body lotion (compared to Aveeno) $2.95
  • Dollar General Body soap $1.50
  • Dollar General Body cotton rounds $1.50

That’s a lot of Dollar General Body products for $11.95 (plus tax).

And how are the products? I can’t tell any difference between the Dollar General Body products and the name brands — other than price, of course!

Next time you drive past Dollar General, stop in and see how much you can save by switching your favorite body products for Dollar General Body.

Be sure to check out Dollar General on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for money-saving tips and ideas.

And if someone in your life is expecting a baby, consider giving the parents a practical and cute bottle of hand soap to keep that baby germ free.

Soap Baby Gift Tag

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