Introducing The IZEA App

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let’s talk about blogging. One of the greatest things I have done for my family is to start this blog, and then turn it into a business. Blogging professionally isn’t easy by any means, but I love it. And learning to use my voice on various social media channels has been the key to earning a living blogging. Thanks to IZEA, working on the go just got easier with the IZEA App.

Izea App

What Can You Do With The IZEA App?

Everything is mobile these days, and that includes opportunities for content creators. I have used the IZEA platform on my cell while waiting in carline before, but while it is easy to navigate on a computer it was a bit chunky on a mobile device. The IZEA App eliminates this problem with a streamlined app that allows me to access my entire account, review new opportunities and even bid on new opportunities all within the app. 

The IZEA App helps me to be productive during my 15-20 minute carline wait. 

I can browse and review opportunities.

Izea App Opportunties
Then I can bid on opportunities that are a good fit for me right from the app. 

Izea App Bid
I can also review existing bids and pending opportunities. Which makes it easier for me to review campaign instructions when I am away from my computer. Social posts for Twitter, Instagram and Vine can be created and submitted directly through the app.

Isn’t it great to be productive on the go? That’s one of the best things about blogging, I can work from anywhere in between being a mom.

Bonus, I can even cash out my earnings from the app. 

While checking out the new IZEA App, I received a request for push notifications. I am hopeful that turning this on will help me to make sure I never miss a great opportunity. 

Izea App Notifications
The IZEA App is now available for iOS. (Don’t worry Android users, your app is coming soon.)

Download the IZEA iOS App.

Learn more about how I use IZEA to make money blogging.

Izea App Account
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