5 Things You Should Know About The Muppets On ABC

When I sat down to listen to the Muppets panel at the D23Expo, I was filled with nostalgia. I mean come on, it is The Muppets! How exciting to hear the puppeteers behind some of my favorite characters talk about the new show, The Muppets, airing Tuesday nights on ABC. And I am thrilled to say the panel didn’t disappoint.

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There was no shortage of laughs as Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire, Bill Barretta, Eric Jacobson and Matt Vogel talked about what it is like to work with the Muppets and, of course, the new show. The puppeteers frequently bounced between speaking as themselves and in full character as Gonze, Kermit, Pizo, Pepe, Fonzie, Uncle Deadly and Rowlfe.

After the panel, I even got my photo taken with Animal! (Be sure to press play to see all of the photo booth fun!)

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5 Things You Should Know About The Muppets

This is not The Muppet Show from when we were kids, this is a brand new show with an all new look and feel. Taped in a “mockumentary style” it is really two shows in one — that of the Miss Piggy Show (Miss Piggy’s late-night talk show) and a documentary about what happens behind the scenes.

The Muppets Kermit
Guest appearances are back in The Muppets with Elizabeth Banks and Tom Bergeron both making an appearance in the first episode. Upcoming stars include Josh Groban and Liam Hemsworth.

The gang is all back! During the D23Expo panel we learned that there will be a part for every Muppet, even some of the long-lost faces in the new show. In fact, Dave Goelz joked during the panel that Kermit’s one mistake was hiring all of his friends to run the show.

Miss Piggy and Kermit are no longer an item! Gasp!! Instead after breaking up, Kermit has found a new girl pig, Denise. Still unsure how I feel about the breakup, I have a feeling the split won’t last. I just don’t see Denise as the pig for Kermie.

The Muppets Kermit Denise
Although traditionally a family show, this is a much more adult Muppet show. Be prepared for off-the-cuff hilarity that is likely to go over the heads of small children, but you could be caught being asked to explain the punch line. I recommend this for tweens and older.

The Muppets is full of laughs, guest stars and all of old friends we have known and loved for 40+ years.

Tune into The Muppets Tuesdays on ABC at 8 pm EST.

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