Sharpie Teacher’s Gift Printable

In just a few weeks summer will once again be a distant memory as the kids head back to school. Send your student back to school this year with a simple gift for their teacher that simple, inexpensive, practical and sure to please — a Sharpie Teacher’s Gift. Because who doesn’t need more Sharpies in their life? 

Sharpie Teachers Gift
I used to think I was the only one who had a “thing” for Sharpies, but I have discovered that my Sharpie collection is small in comparison to others. People love Sharpies! That’s why this is such a great gift. (Not to mention that you can get some really good deals on Sharpies during the back to school sales.)

Sharpie Teachers Gift

I am excited about this Sharpie Teacher’s Gift because my friend asked me to design it for her, and it turned out so cute. She is in charge of the PTA’s hospitality committee and will be gifting them to all of the teachers at our school. (Shhhh don’t tell.) I made the design, and she purchased the roughly 200 Sharpies! Now all that is left to do is to attach all of those Sharpies. (I have a feeling I will be helping soon!)


Sharpie Teachers Gift Printable
Don’t you think the teachers will all appreciate a trio of new Sharpies? I bet your student’s new teacher would too!

Assuming you aren’t making 70 or so of these, this is an easy peasy gift, sure to bring a smile your student’s teacher’s face. 

Download the Sharpie Teacher’s Gift printable.


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10 thoughts on “Sharpie Teacher’s Gift Printable”

  1. Love this idea. Was going to give it to my team members on the first day of school. I cant seem to find the printable version, though. It keeps telling me to go directly to the website with no printer friendly version. Anyway you could help? 🙂 Thanks!

    • So glad you like the printable! Look for the words “Download the Sharpie Teacher’s Gift printable.” They are bold, underlined and blue – right above the video. Click on the words, that will open the printable image in a new window. Right click on the image and save it to your computer. Then find the image on your computer and print as many as you need. (You will get 3 per page.) Have fun!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Thank you so much for it!
    I am getting straight to work on this in the morning for all the lovely teachers I teach alongside at my school…and the school friends I have too! I just know it will put a smile on their face to start our school year.

  3. What a great & cool idea to gift to the teachers. Thanks for writing this post & thanks for sharing. Kids really do love personalized things! Thanks for sharing this fantastic information.Printable is really fantastic.


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