Paul Rudd Ant-Man Exclusive Interview And Set Visit

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In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined when I started this blog six years ago that one day I would be on a live movie set watching the magic of Marvel and Disney come to life — right in front of me. But that’s exactly what happened when I was invited to visit the set of Marvel’s newest thriller Ant-Man. For months I have been sworn to secrecy, unable to share all of my amazing adventures. Finally the embargo has lifted, and I get to tell you all about visiting the set, what I saw, who I met and an exclusive interview with Paul Rudd – Ant-Man.

Ant Man Paul Rudd

Behind the Scenes Ant-Man Movie Set

I was on a movie set! Seriously, the only thing that could have made this amazing adventure bigger is if I was actually in the movie. And you know what, I am going to add that to my bucket list — someday.

But back to my real-life adventure as a suburban mom on a Marvel movie set.

I have to start first by telling you that in November 2014 Atlanta, Georgia had an unseasonably cold snap. With temperatures never getting above the mid 20s the days I was in Atlanta the Ant-Man set was frozen. Seriously frozen. It was so cold that the weather changed the course of the movie.

We were scheduled to watch the filming of Scott Long’s daughter’s birthday party, which was to be filmed outside. We would watch from inside the house (warm and toasty). But it was so cold the entire scene was moved inside the house because you can let the actors freeze. Which left us out in the cold — literally. 

Thirteen bloggers. In a tent. In 20 degree weather. For eight hours – EIGHT! Have I mentioned I am from Florida? Have I mentioned it was AWESOME?!

So there I was with long johns under my jeans, five layers on top (tank, long johns, shirt, sweater, ski jacket), a hat, scarf, gloves and hand warmers on set, frozen solid and loving every minute.

Paul Rudd Ant-Man Interview
(Yeah, that’s me in the way back — my tiny head above the gal in the blue.)

All this week I am going to share bits and pieces of my time on the Ant-Man set, so make sure you follow the story. For today I want to get back to meeting Paul Rudd. 

Inside our tent, we were outfitted with a live feed of what was happening on set. So we could see and hear the movie as it was being filmed and everything between takes. We had a chance to sit down with Paul for a few minutes in between takes (yes, outside in the freezing tent). But the coolest (and warmest) thing was when we were invited into the house to watching the filming. 

Paul Rudd Ant-Man Abby Ryder Fortson
During my turn to go into the house, they actually did a camera reset. So in between takes I got to stand around with Paul Rudd and make small talk. What kind of small talk did I chat with Paul Rudd about? The weather, of course. I am so not original.

Paul was genuinely nice and chatted with me like you would talk to someone standing near you at the supermarket. The conversation itself wasn’t memorable, but standing on set with cameras everywhere, people running to and fro, watching the director give notes and chatting with the star of Ant-Man like it was just another day — that is what I will always remember.

Paul Rudd, he’s a cool guy. 

Paul Rudd Ant-Man

Paul Rudd Ant-Man Interview

Speaking of which, the interview. We talked to Paul about being a fan of comics, his training for the movie and the hardest part about becoming Ant-Man (not eating carbs for a year). Here are my favorite highlights from the interview.

How does it feel to be in the suit?

It feels really cool because it looks badass. It’s a really cool suit. It’s a little tough to move around in, but you just make do. I try to strike a heroic pose, knowing my arms aren’t really going to go up any higher. 

How did your family react to learning you would be Ant-Man?

I was excited to tell my 10-year-old son that I was going to be a superhero. I was excited about the idea that he would get to see a movie that I did because he has never seen one… Then when he asked, “What is it called, who are you going to play?” and I said to him “Ant-Man,” he just looked at me and said, “What, Ant-Man?” He couldn’t wrap his head around it. I acknowledge that it doesn’t quite have the same panache as Iron Man. But he came to the set and that was pretty cool, and he got to try on the helmet so that was neat. 

Have you seen what it will look like when you shrink?

I’ve seen some sketch stuff. I have seen some animatic stuff. But I don’t think it’s gonna really give me an idea as to what it’ll look like. It’s one of the things I’m most excited about – finally seeing what it looks like. I won’t know until it’s done. That’s gonna be a mind bender to say the least. But I think it’ll look really cool.

I think it will look really cool too Paul! 

See Ant-Man in theaters July 17, 2015.

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  1. What a great experience, Jen!

    I also loved Ant Man. I was able to see it at the Hollywood Premier, sitting between the two original comic book creators. Lately, I’ve been emerged in the world of comics and I’ve seen lots of super hero films. Next to Iron Man, of course, Ant Man is my favorite.

    It sounds like an amazing time and a fantastic thrill to be able to participate in this way!


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