The Build-A-Bear Honey Girls Rock!

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This summer Build-A-Bear will welcome three fashionable friends to its line up — the Honey Girls. With brightly colored fur and fancy glitter outfits this trio of pals is ready to rock.  

Build-A-Bear Honey Girls
The Honey Girls band includes Teegan, Risa and Viv three best friends who share a love of music and a message about friendship and positive self-esteem. Each of the Honey Girls has her own strengths and talents that help the friends “be brighter together.”

  • Teegan (a purple cat) is the fearless and bold lead singer.
  • Risa (a pink bunny) is the guitarist, and she is all about music and being creative.
  • Viv (a blue bear) is the drummer, who’s not only a great friend but also a talented inventor.

As soon as I saw the Honey Girls I knew my daughter would love them. From the very first time we asked K what she wanted to be when she grew up, she informed everyone who asked that she wanted to be a Rock Star! Of course, now that she is a big girl (at age 7), she also wants be a fashion designer because apparently rock stars can be fashion designers too. It’s the perfect plan. 

This is Viv, she is the drummer and an inventor. She loves to be creative and build things. She is also a baker and a gymnast. Plus she has an awesome outfit and pink/orange hair! 

Build-A-Bear Honey Girls Viv
The Honey Girls wouldn’t be a band without music, and one of the cool things about the Honey Girls is that each furry friend plays music. By pressing one hand kids can listen to the group’s debut song titled “Everything is Better.” By pressing the other hand kids can listen to their Honey Girls’ original song. (Listen to a preview of the Honey Girls songs online.) Plus when you press Viv’s drum, she plays a drum solo! (I assume the other girls’ instruments play music too, but I haven’t seen them in person.) 

Honey Girls Build A Bear
When kids adopt one of the Honey Girls at Build-A-Bear they receive a a special plush star. The different colored stars represent the positive traits of the Honey Girls – creative, confident, talented, smart, fearless and strong – and can be stuffed inside their Honey Girl during the heart ceremony to personalize their new friend. 

The Honey Girls will be available online starting July 8 and in Build-A-Bear stores July 10. Each furry friend retails for $28 (clothes and accessories sold separately). And instead of a Build-A-Bear house, Honey Girls will travel home from the store in a specially designed condo that converts into a stage for at-home performances.

Honey Girls Viv Build a Bear
Also in July, the Honey Girls Studio app will be available for download in iTunes and Google Play with biographies, music videos, a music video maker and selfie activity, memory games and the ability to unlock special features.

Which Honey Girls character do you want to bring home?

Build A Bear Honey Girls Viv

One lucky winner will recieve a $100 Build-A-Bear gift card. To enter, please use the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends June 26.

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129 thoughts on “The Build-A-Bear Honey Girls Rock!”

  1. My daughter would love Teegan! She loves cats….and purple! I bet they would be singing together all day long!

  2. My granddaughters would probably pick different bears. But I really think that their favorite would be VIV the Honey Girls Drummer. Who is a great friend & talented inventor!

  3. My grandson would like Risa the most because she plays the guitar and it super creative. He loves all things music & art. 🙂

  4. Tegan, because my daughter longs to be f Arles and tries everyday, she also admires singers. Tegan is awesome because she’s purple, my daughter’s favorite color and a cat too.

  5. Teegan the lead siger is mine and my daughters favorite! We love the coors, shes a cta and a lead singer like my daughter !

  6. My girls Willow and Ivy both voted for Teegan… I love taking them to build a bear… keeping my fingers crossed…


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