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Are you ready to celebrate all of the amazing mothers in your life this weekend? Hopefully, your mom and your mother in law on your list, but what about some of your amazing friends who also happen to be moms? Mother’s Day isn’t just about celebrating your mom, it is about celebrating all moms. 

This Mother’s Day I was challenged by Hallmark put your heart to paper and find the perfect Mother’s Day card for four special moms in my life. There are so many wonderful moms and great Hallmark cards, it was a challenge. But ultimately, I narrowed it down to four moms who deserve a little extra special recognition this year. And with a handwritten note, each one will know just how much they mean to me.

Mother's Day Hallmark Card

My Super Mom

Starting with my own mom, the moment I saw this card — it had to be hers. My mom was is the ultimate super mom. Long before Pinterest, my mom threw elaborate parties, helped us design unique and fun crafts, joined the PTA, drove carpool and did everything. She is the mom I have always aspired to be – the ultimate super mom. She made childhood fun and raised to successful and happy girls. What more could super mom ask for. So to honor my super mom, who is now super Mimi, it had to be Wonder Woman!

Hallmark Super Mom

My Mother In Law, The Baker

To honor baker extraordinaire to us all, Grammy to my girls and the mother of my husband a little baking humor. My husband and his parents always give funny cards. I learned a long time ago, that while sentimental cards are nice — the funnier, the better. (Must by why my husband is so sarcastic!) So this card is perfect for my mother in law, with one little addition — Grammy.

Hallmark Mom Card

My Friend, The Light

While my childhood best friend has no mom relation to me, she has always been someone I look up to. She faced incredible challenges over the past few years and has come out looking stronger and more beautiful than ever (something I would have never guessed possible because she already was one of the most amazing people I have ever known). Last month, she went back to work full-time, for the first time since her health crisis and the adoption of a precious baby girl. I am excited because her new job brings her closer to me for lunch dates, but she struggles with leaving her littles with a nanny. Throughout everything, my friend remains the most positive and lovely person in my life. So I am honoring her with a simple note to tell her that I see her, she is amazing and I hope pray that some of her light rubs off on me. 

Hallmark Mother's Day Card

My Cousin, Mom To Be

The final card is for one of the newest additions to our family. Last year, my family welcomed my cousin’s new wife into the family. And this year, she is celebrating her first Mother’s Day as an expectant mom. Even though she is one of those pregnant moms I love to hate because she radiates (and I look like a hot mess pregnant), she deserves to be reminded that the whole family loves her. And we can’t wait to meet (and spoil) their new baby. She is another beautiful soul, who happened to marry my awesome cousin and their new baby girl will be the joy of our family when she arrives this summer. 

Mom To Be Hallmark Card
Moms of all kinds deserve to be recognized everyday, but especially this weekend. When you are shopping for the perfect card for your mom, think about other moms in your life who could use a little encouragement, extra love or just recognition for being awesome.

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Besides your own mom, what other moms will you celebrate for Mother’s Day?

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