5 Tips For Buying Kids Clothes On A Budget

With the change of season, it is time once again to clean out my daughters’ drawers to see what fits and what doesn’t. More than likely, they’ve outgrown at least half of last year’s wardrobe. So out with the old, and in with the new. Sigh. Kids just won’t stop growing!

Kids Clothes On A Budget
For my oldest, the purge will mean her clothes carefully packed up for little sister. Once we know what still fits, I’ll be in search fresh clothes to fill in what she’s outgrown. And for little sister, it’s time to bring down the next box to refill her drawers. The cycle of clothes never seems to end. 

Since we can stop our little ones from growing (I would if I could), it is important to be smart when it comes to buying clothes for our kids. We’ve all had that outfit that our kids never wore before they outgrew it, and the goal is to keep it from happening again by shopping smart. 

5 Tips For Buying Kids Clothes On A Budget

5 Tips For Buying Kids Clothes On A Budget

Comfort Above All – Kids can be particular when it comes to clothes. My oldest can’t stand certain seams and my youngest refuses to wear “jeanies” or any pants she perceives to be tight on her legs. And both stand firm against anything scratchy. When shopping for kids it is important to keep comfort in mind. Because no matter how adorable the outfit is, if your little one won’t wear it without a tantrum — it isn’t worth it. Stick with soft, loose clothing that is made for play like Garanimals. 

Mix and Match – The key to extending any wardrobe is to buy mix and match clothes that can be worn in different. For little girls, I love leggings because they can take dresses and skirts from spring to summer to fall with the addition or subtraction of leggings. 

Swap It – Every mom knows that one of the best ways to keep clothing costs down is to rely on hand-me-downs. But what about kids who don’t have hand-me-downs to receive? It’s time to for a swap. Whether you organize a formal swap or casually swap clothes for friends, passing along clothes that no longer fit is a great way for moms to work together to outfit kids in the latest fashions. Can’t find people to swap with, consign!

Garanimals Walmart
Value vs Name Brands – It may be adorable dress kids in name-brands, but kids look just as cute in store brands. (I promise!) Skip expensive name brands and shop affordable store brands like Garanimals from Walmart. Not only will you save money, but when your kiddo struts their stuff in their affordable threads no one will be the wiser. (Plus mom won’t be in tears when stains happen!) Price comparison — name brand shorts $25, Garanimals $4.97. 

End of Season Sales – The most budget-friendly way to stay on top of your kids’ clothing needs is to shop end of season sales for next year. A perfect example of this is the matching Easter shirts I scored for my daughters for 75% off last year. I bought them a size up, and this year not only did I pay less but I didn’t have to search for the perfect shirts – I already had them. Shorts at the end of summer and jackets at the end of winter. Save your budget by shopping the store’s leftovers. 


Garanimals is available exclusively at Walmart and can really help families buy kids clothes on a budget. The line features mix and match styles for less. Garamimals offers affordable (adorable) style for infants through 5T. And now Garanimals newest brand 365Kids is available through size 8 to outfit bigger kids. You can’t stop your kids from outgrowing their clothes, but you can be smart about how you buy clothes to make your budget stretch further.

Check out Garanimals at Walmart — you will be amazed at the prices!

Because kids won’t stop growing! 


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Garanimals. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. These are great! I love Gar Animals. I buy and sell some on local facebook online yardsales too.

  2. I always use to write about my son’s clothes, that he had some expensive Armani kids tops, and many far less expensive clothes from Walmart and Children’s Place. They ruin too many clothes to spend a lot of money on their clothes when they are young!

  3. I like the tips, especially to shop end of season sales. I also like discounted retailers like Ross and TJ Maxx.

  4. I like to buy clothing when it’s on clearance and I buy larger sizes. At any given time we usually have enough clothes in rotation for the time being, but as our son grows he will need new ones. So when I see an awesome deal or something on clearance I snatch it up and save it until he grows into it.

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