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There are not a lot of gadgets my tech-loving husband does not already have, but a pair of wireless headphones has been on his list for a while now. His job requires him to travel often, and he already owned a wired pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones (his go-to choice when traveling). So I knew he would be thrilled to leave the wires behind review the SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR on-ear wireless headphones.

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

The SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR on-ear headphones deliver the exceptional sound quality SOL REPUBLIC is known for, but delivers it does so wirelessly from any compatible Bluetooth device such as tablets and smartphones. The TRACKS AIR feature a range of up to 150′, 15-hour battery life and can even connect to two devices at the same time, to make switching between your tablet and phone seemless.

Setting up the SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR headphones was quick and easy. After unpacking I charged the right “Sound Engine” (fancy term for the on-ear speaker), and then attached both right and left Sound Engines to the PowerTrack headband. The design is pretty innovative as the battery is contained only in the right Sound Engine, and the PowerTrack headband has an integrated connector that powers the left Sound Engine without any wires.

When you power on the Tracks AIR for the first time they automatically go into pairing mode, and they were quick to connect with my husband’s iPhone. If your device supports NFC, you can also tap your device to the right Sound Engine to pair the headphones (I did not have a compatible device to test this feature).

Once pairing was complete, my husband was rocking his tunes = wandering around the house while his phone stayed in our bedroom, and he never had any connection interruptions. The wireless functionality performs flawlessly, and you’ll have a hard time going back to a wired pair after using these.

Another cool feature of the Tracks AIR is the voice cues when you first turn them on that tell you have many hours of battery life are remaining. Don’t worry, even if you do run out of power you can use the included cable to to keep rocking until you have a chance to recharge. The Tracks AIR also features an integrated mic so you can take calls without taking them off too.

After using them for the past few weeks my husband is still happy as day one with the Tracks AIR headphones and has no plans on going back to his old pair. They certainly get his seal of approval, and would make a great gift for any audio lover on your shopping list.

SOL Republic Tracks AIR retail for $199.99 and are available directly from SOL Republic, from Best Buy or Amazon.

SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR Giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a pair of SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR Wireless Headphones. 

To enter, please use the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends December 4. 

(Please note you can only win one SOL Republic item during a six-month period).

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169 thoughts on “Go Wireless With SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR Wireless Headphones ~ Giveaway”

  1. Well I love to BBQ on the deck and have a glass of wine while I cook. So having wireless headphones listing to some music (Jazz) would be a bonus.

  2. i would listen on the way to work, on my lunch break and when im walking and exercising and whenever i can catch a chance

  3. I would wear them around the house. I like using headphones, but with the wired ones, I end up taking them off a lot. Plus, my wired ones are literally falling apart. When I take them off, there’s black stuff on my ears.

  4. I love to listen to music while I clean my house, the problem is I like extremely inappropriate music and don’t want my daughter to hear it. So I need something like this to let me hear it and shield her from it:)

  5. I would use the SOL REPUBLIC Tracks AIR Wireless Headphones to listen to music in the living room while my husband is watching TV

  6. I would listen to these when I am trying to escape my kids and husband from calling my name 100 times. I could put them on and not hear them.

  7. It isn’t what I would listen to, but whom I’d gift this to for them to listen to. But honestly, I would probably be pulling a Tom Cruise sliding in my socks singing badly without disturbing the neighbors in the apartments. I’m kind of hung up on OK-Go at the moment.

  8. Oh, these would be awesome for going all around the house doing chores and taking care of the kids without having to disconnect — especially when listening to webinars! (It’s harder to pause those than music.)

  9. I would actually give these to my son for Christmas! We have 5 boys and when several are playing music it can get LOUD in here! I’ve been wanting to get these for my oldest son, so these would make a great Christmas gift!

  10. I would listen to these either at the GYM or in the car (to muffle the noise of my loud monkeys or have my boys use them for the computer/school work or have the boys use these in the car when we watch a movie. Oh the possibilities! 🙂

  11. I would give them to my daughter for school work and she’d listen to them at school and at home so she doesn’t annoy her older sister with her awesome music

  12. I tired leaving a comment on the Neato, but Tap Influence wouldn’t log in for me. Here is my comment anyway :
    darn, 2 days to late to enter to win one. Is that your photo with the 2 yorkies? I used to have 3! they would attack the regular vacuum, I wonder what would happen with the Neato? LOL How well does it work around tables & chairs? thanks for the info.
    Faythe A @ GrammyMouseTails


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