Dancing With The Stars: The Set, The Stars & ME!

When I found out a live taping of Dancing With The Stars was on the agenda for my trip to LA for the Big Hero 6 Premiere and ABC TV Event I may have let out an audible shriek. Dancing With The Stars people. Dancing With The Stars! 

Dancing With The Stars Selfie
Having been a fan since season one, it was surreal walking onto the set. And it really is, just a TV set. For some reason I always pictured more of a theater that was being used for TV, but it is just a sound stage built to look like one. But once on stage, it is just as beautiful as it looks on TV — and quite a bit larger too, I think.

While posing for pictures on stage, what I really wanted to do was break out into a Samba or perhaps a Jive, but I kept it cool posing for pictures and reminding myself to soak it all in. 

Dancing With The Stars The Suburban Mom
Dancing With The Stars Stage
The Suburban Mom Dancing With The Stars
We were led upstairs to the first balcony level to fantastic seats over looking the dance floor. We had a bird’s-eye view of all the action. And even before the “real” show began we watched them tape a 10 year anniversary promo. I’ve seen those girls shake their hips on TV before, but they seem to be even faster in person! 

Dancing With The Stars Set
Because we were VIP (ahem), we were allowed to keep our phones to Tweet during commercial breaks. But once taping began, no more pictures. (Which is probably for the best, otherwise I might have never put down my phone.)

Dancing With The Stars Audience
Being in the Dancing With The Stars audience isn’t a leisurely activity. Throughout the show we were instructed to stand up and cheer loudly as people entered the dance floor, sit for performances, stand and cheer after, cheer or boo the judges, etc. It was quite a work out — by about half way through the show I realized my hands hurt from clapping. 

Despite the requirements, it was a ton of fun. Defiantly a bucket list item checked off. In fact, I even made it on TV behind Alfonso Ribeiro! If you squint, you can see me in the blue beam of light – look for my shimmering dress, I have my arm down, hand resting on the wall. That’s me! LOL.

Alfonso Ribeiro Dancing with the Stars
On our way out, we caught Bruno Tonioli leaving for the evening. And the animated Italian happy to chat with us for a bit before he left. 

Bruno Tonioli Dancing With The Stars
After the live taping, we headed to dinner to watch the West Coast airing. (Fun fact, the show tapes at 5 pm PST in order to air live on the East Coast at 8 pm. Then it is rebroadcast later at 8 pm PST for the West Coasters.) It was hinted that someone from the cast might join us, but we had no idea who. To our delight it wasn’t just one person, it was a whole punch of people! 

The stars were there for one reason – to hang out with us. Not a rushed, hi and bye, they sat and talked to us while we all relived their evening’s performance. So. Much. Fun!

The gracious Lea Thompson was perfectly lovely inviting groups of us to join her at her table for a bit. (I swear, she has some Back to the Future magic up her sleeve because she hasn’t aged a day!)

Lea Thompson Dancing with the Stars
Lea’s dance partner Artem Chigvintsev insisted I share his chair when there were not enough seats (and who am I to say no?).

Artem Chigvintsev Dancing with the Stars
Sadie Robertson came out with her mom, Korie, and dad, Willie. 

Sadie Robertson Dancing with the Stars
Sadie’s partner Mark Ballas.

Mark Ballas Dancing with the Stars
Janel Parrish from Pretty Little Liars.

Janel Parrish Dancing with the Stars
Janel’s partner Val Chmerkovskiy.

\Val Chmerkovskiy Dancing with the Stars
Also at the evening’s festivities were a whole slew of dancers who happily chatted with us about dancing, hair and costumes. 

I know there are a lot of pictures in this post, but I took even more. I wanted to make sure I captured every moment I could of this very special evening. 

Watch Dancing With The Stars Monday nights on ABC at 8 pm EST.

Tune in Mondays at 8/7c on ABC and vote for your favorites! Next week, on November 25 and 25, catch the two-night finale as we find out who is the Mirrorball Champion of Season 19! Follow @DancingABC for show news and more.

Oh, and if Dancing With The Stars ever decides to showcase a mom blogger on the show, I am more than happy to put on my dancing shoes. Just throwing that out there! 

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