Easy Halloween Classroom Treats + Free Printable

I just got back from a cruise yesterday, Halloween is Friday and I realized this morning that I need classroom treats for both daughters (one by tomorrow).  Oh K decided she wants to be a unicorn for “Character Book Day” at school on Friday, which means I need to make a blue unicorn outfit for Friday. Okay.

I can’t be the only one who needs last-minute classroom treats (one by tomorrow and one non candy), right? So after inspiration struck in the car this morning, I whipped up 30+ classroom treats in about five minutes. In fact, it is taking me longer to write-up this post so I can share these easy Halloween Classroom Treats than it did to make the magic happen! But hey, I am a blogger that’s what I do!

Easy Halloween Classroom Treats
For my preschooler, we have instant pumpkin lollipops. 

I used Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops because a five pound bag is less than $30 I always keep these on hand anyway. But ou can use any lollipop.

Print the Halloween Classroom Treats free printable, and cut out the pumpkin faces. I used my Fiskars one-inch circle punch to make quick work of the faces. But if you don’t have a punch, you can cut the pumpkins by hand. (Remember, pumpkins aren’t perfect circles either – so don’t stress!) 

Halloween Pumpkin Treat Printable Tags
Then attach pumpkin faces to your Halloween classroom treats with Glue Dots or double-sided tape.  

Ta-da Halloween Classroom Treats in five minutes or less. 

Non-Candy Halloween Classroom Treat

Remember I mentioned my oldest needed a Non-Candy Halloween Classroom Treat? Well, I picked these mini slime cups up at Target a couple of weeks ago (see, sometimes I do think ahead). And after I designed my mini jack o lantern faces I realized they would be adorable on the slime cups too. 

Pumpkin Slime Halloween treats.

Non-candy Halloween Treats
Look at that, two birds, one stone.

Happy Halloween! 

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  1. These are great! I love all the adorable DIY classroom treats I see floating around, but who has time for that? These are the perfect middle ground.

    I’m hosting a link party over on my blog and we’d love for you to link up with us!

  2. What a cute and simple idea! Love the Pumpkins on those lollipops, it’s just perfect. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty – hope to see you again next week!


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