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I never realized how easy I had it potty training my oldest until it came time to potty train baby sister. Oh my goodness! With my first, she went cold turkey from diapers to panties over the two-week Christmas break from preschool. With Sissy, we’ve been at this since May — five months. 

She has been in panties full time (during the day) since July, but she still has accidents almost daily. In fact, she went from very few accidents in August (none at school) to multiple accidents a day — every day in September. We went backward! 

We recently invented the “Dry Panty Club” to encourage dry panties. Members get high praise for having dry panties – and are often rewarded with jellybeans. It seems to be helping, I think.

With all of our ups and downs in training, her little bum has needed some extra care and freshness. I quickly discovered that using “baby wipes” to freshen up after accidents didn’t help because she associated them with being a baby and wearing diapers. So I switched to Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths – perfect for cleanups, flushable and made for “big girls” they became a big part of our potty training routine. 

Cottonelle Wipes Toilet Paper
Another important potty training stable is the right toilet paper. It’s important to use toilet paper that doesn’t leave bits (because bits bother her), and my solution is Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper. It is soft and strong — leaving behind no bothersome “bits.”

We still have a way to go with potty training this young one. But we are getting there — she didn’t have a single accident on our four-day cruise last week! And in the mean time I know that her little bum is fresh and clean with Cottonelle. 

Whether you are potty training or just need to freshen your family’s bums, grab a printable coupon for up to $2 off Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and make fresh bums part of your family routine. 

Cottonelle Coupon

Potty Training Chart

By the way if you are potty training, check out my printable Potty Training charts (available in two color combos). And good luck! 

5 Essentials For Potty Training

15 thoughts on “Keep Potty Training Fresh”

  1. My son is now potty trained (finally!). We use those Cottonelle wipes in our bathroom because it is a lot easier for him that way. I love that they are flushable.

  2. We always used cheerios for my son when he was potty training. My daughter just hated being wet down there, so we never had a problem with her. These wipes are amazing and even I love them! Thanks for the coupon!

  3. We also made sure wipes were handy in all bathrooms when we were potty training. It’s so much more than just going in the potty, they have to learn to clean up properly afterwards.

  4. I don’t have kids , so this wouldn’t apply to me. I do Cottonelle products though and must say I enjoy using the Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths myself.

  5. This chart is awesome, I also heard about the “Flushing colors”, when you put the watercolors into the potty and let the boy water them down. It’s on “concisework potty training”, really useful stuff there.

    • Ohhhh – the colors is really an interesting idea. Anything to make it fun because we all know toddlers only do things b/c they want to 🙂


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