Get Excited – It’s Back-To-School Shopping Time

I have this theory about back-to-school shopping — getting excited about school supply shopping can set the tone for the entire year. It is more than going out to pick up the requisite supplies, it is the kick off for a whole new year of possibilities. When kids are excited about picking out their supplies, they are excited to start school and when they are excited about school they are more open to learning. 

I’ve always loved back-to-school shopping and school, so in my house both are a big deal. And I think my excitement is rubbing off on my kids. They were a wee bit excited to go back-to-school shopping at Target.

Target Back To School Shopping
From picking out bottles of glue for just the right price to finding the perfect pink folder, my girls work through they supply list like a giant scavenger hunt checking off each item on the list before moving to the next. Shopping at Target makes it easy since just about everything we need is piled into the back corner of the store.

Tip – shop early and on a weekday evening to avoid the crowds. When we went, we nearly had the place to ourselves.

This year Sissy will start preschool for the first time, so she was excited to help pick out her very first school supplies (as well has help big sister find all of her supplies).

School Supplies
Of course, school supplies are more than just what is on the teacher’s list. One also has to have the perfect backpack and lunch box. And oh boy do my kids take this job seriously. Not just any backpack will do — it has to meet every criteria (real or imagined). It’s also fun to try on every single backpack on the shelf — just to see. Right?!

Pink Dog Backpack
This year Target’s back to school slogan is “Every Little Thing Is A Really Big Deal.” And my family agrees. A lunchbox isn’t just a container, it is a fashion statement. Trendy patterns, bright colors and even favorite characters emblazoned school lunch boxes. And choosing just one, that’s the hardest part.

Me? I wanted my girl to get this light-up mustache lunch box. So cute! But she went another way…

Pink Mustache Lunch Box
Another reason I like shopping Target for school supplies is the deals. Armed with a fist full of printable coupons and my Target Cartwheel App I know that I can get my supplies for less. Which means I can buy more and when it comes to school supplies, that’s exactly what I do.

I don’t just shop for my girls, I shop for supplies to donate. I know not everyone can afford to shop for supplies, so I do what I can to donate supplies so that kids still have the thrill of having new supplies for the new school year. 

Target Coupons
I can make my donations stretch even further because for every Up And Up or Yoshi product I buy, Target donates one too! 

Target Buy One Give One
In one trip to Target we were able to get nearly everything for both girls lists — plus a few extra goodies. With just a week until school starts, everyone is excited to have their shopping done and supplies ready to go. Now all that is left is to find that perfect first day of school outfit!

Target Logo
Every little thing is a really big deal.

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16 thoughts on “Get Excited – It’s Back-To-School Shopping Time”

  1. I always prepare a list with my son (of course, there are always extras) but it goes faster if he has worked with me on the list than if I make the list alone. But those extras……………

  2. I love Target all the time but especially for back to school.They have everything I need and they also have the best selection of backpacks.Great place for school clothes too!

  3. Target has the most unique and coolest products! I especially love that “stache your lunch” bag, so adorable!! 🙂

  4. Target is my go-to shopping place for everything, but especially back to school supplies! You just can’t beat their selections and they really do offer great and comparable prices.

  5. I love Back to school with Target and getting to use their coupons help me save a lot of money. The backpacks are cute, and I will be making a trip to see all the new items.

  6. I shop quite a bit at Target as I have 5 grandchildren I buy school supplies and school clothes for. They have some really cute backpacks.

  7. When I was a kid, I LOVED back to school shopping. It was the beginning of the excitement of going back to school. I love your tip on shopping at a quieter time. I am always the one there with the rest of the crazy, stressed moms.

  8. I’ve been out of the back-to-school market for a while but I love shopping at Target. It’s wonderful to see how excited kids are about starting a new school year.

  9. I love Back to school with Target and getting to use their coupons help me save a lot of money. I have a Target just down the street from me.


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