Amazon Free App Of The Day Bundle Worth +$100

Did you know that every day Amazon offers one of its regularly paid apps for free? Well, they do. And every once in a while, they offer a bundle of paid apps for free — today is that day. 

There are 30 apps being offered for free today, and the total value of those apps is over $100. There are a bunch of great apps on the list, and since they are only free today it is worth taking a look. 

I am most excited about the Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Pro and List Master Pro. We regularly use Allrecipes for dinner ideas in our house, and having access to everything on my phone would make it even easier to plan meals on the go. Plus it has awesome reviews!

And List Master Pro? Well, I need all the organizational help I can get! 🙂

Today’s bundle of free apps features a great mix of apps focused on health and fitness, music and entertainment, cooking and productivity. (The Drawing Pad app looks like fun for my kids.)

Check out all of the free apps before they go up in price.


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