The 411 On Pregnancy Questions From Winter Park Hospital’s Baby Place

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Every new mom has had that moment during the course of their pregnancy when they suddenly realize that they are in over their head. Sure everything starts off rainbows and sunshine, and then all of the sudden, “What have I gotten myself into?!” 

For me, that moment was registering for my baby. I arrived at the first aisle — bottles, nipples and pacifiers — and quite literally had a panic attack. Complete with a flood of hormone-related tears. All because I couldn’t figure out which nipple my baby would need — pregnancy leap here — so I was sure she would starve. 

If there is one thing a first-time mom to be needs, it is information – and lots of it. From classes and apps to real-mom advice, Central Florida moms to be can find the answers to all of their pregnancy-related questions at the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park through a variety of online and offline resources.

40 Weeks with Me

Designed to provide moms with a real look at pregnancy through the eyes of another mom to be, 40 Weeks with Me chronicles the journey of a local mom and her pregnancy. (And it has been doing so each year since 2010.) There is something comforting about following along with another mom’s journey as you experience your own, and that is exactly what this year’s 40 Weeks with Me mom, Tanya, hopes you will find within her posts.

Tanya is a Central Florida native who is excited to share her pregnancy story with local moms. Expecting a baby boy in early August, Tanya dishes on her pregnancy woes (morning sickness) and reveals in the amazement of her growing babe – keeping track of her progress in fruit sizes. She also can’t wait to share more details about her nursery, baby shower and naming her sweet baby boy. 

With 11 weeks to go in her journey, Tanya shares her story several times a week giving other moms a glimpse at her pregnancy. Follow along with Tanya as she discovers 

40 Weeks With Me

The Baby Place App

The first few days weeks months with a new baby tend to be a bit of a blur. Thrust into a world of around-the-clock feedings and diaper changes, there is a lot going on and a lot to keep track of, all with very little sleep. Thank goodness we live in a technology world where everything can be tracked via a smartphone, and with the The Baby Place App you can track everything baby all in one place.

The Baby Place App
Developed by the baby experts at the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital, The Baby Place App allows new moms to keep track of baby’s daily trends, medical history and record milestone moments in one app. Now moms can easily stay organized by tracking baby’s sleep schedules, diaper changes, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, pumping and more!

Imagine how impressed your friends will be when you wow them with your organization skills (the Baby Place App will be our little secret).

Parent Education Classes

In addition to online support, the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital also offers parent education classes through the Baby Place Academy. Taught by hospital experts, Baby Place Academy offers birthing classes that cover natural childbirth, epidurals and even C-sections. 

The Baby Place Academy
Not just for moms, the Baby Place Academy also offers sibling classes and a Daddy Boot Camp to help everyone get ready for the big arrival. 

The Baby Place Academy classes are held at two locations — Winter Park Memorial Hospital and Destination Maternity. Select classes are even available online.

Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital offers educational information for the mom to be at every turn. While any Central Florida mom can enjoy the resources above, those who deliver their baby at the Baby Place have access to even more personalized assistance with the Birth Experience Design Team.  

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