4 Reasons You Want To Have Your Baby At Winter Park Hospital’s Baby Place

This post is brought to you in partnership with The Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place At Winter Park Memorial Hospital. 

Pregnancy is fraught with decisions – big and small. One of the biggest decisions is where and how to bring your bundle of joy into the world. Countless sleepless nights will be spent imagining the big day. The more moms know what to expect, even if the unexpected happens, the more comfortable and confident they feel. Isn’t that why we moms read every book we can get our hands on, so we can mentally be ready for baby’s arrival?

At the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park, the staff understands that mom has spent the last nine plus months dreaming of this day, and extra special care is given to every detail of delivery to ensure the joyous day is everything it is meant to be. Winter Park Memorial Hospital is Central Florida’s only boutique baby hospital and what makes this hospital standout above all of the rest is the Birth Experience Design Team.

Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park

A Custom, Personalized Touch

Specializing in custom birthing wishes (the fancy equivalent of a birth plan), the Birth Experience Design Team is headed by personable and experienced Vickie Smith, RN. As a registered nurse Vickie serves as liaison between mom, the hospital staff and the doctors coordinating the birth process much like a wedding planner. 

Baby Place Winter Park Birth Experience Design Team Vickie Smith

From comfort items available during delivery such as a new birthing ball and heated rice pads, to complimentary pampering available in recovery like daily smoothies and in-room massages, plus additional services such as an onsite photographer and concierge services The Baby Place takes caring for mommy and baby to a new level.

One of the best ways moms can reassure herself and mentally prepare for delivery is to visit her chosen hospital to tour of the facility. While group hospital tours have become the norm to help familiarize moms with their surroundings, explain general procedures and help take the edge off the weight of the unknown, The Baby Place offers something unique, a one-on-one tour with Vickie free of charge for any mom to explore the hospital. The one-on-one time is mom’s chance to ask questions, learn options and create her birth wishes — all with Vickie’s assistance.

The opportunity to make a personal connection with Vickie and relay birthing wishes to hospital staff before arriving blurry from pain and excitement in full-blown labor offers moms the chance to “focus on the moment,” while the hospital focuses “on everything else.”

Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place At Winter Park Memorial Hospital Birth Experience Design Team

High-Tech Amenities 

With new, modern facilities, care and attention to detail greet mom and baby at every turn at the Baby Place at Winter Park. On the biggest day of a mom’s life, it is the little things that bring comfort like personalized temperature control in every room (for mom’s crazy temperature swings), WiFi (to keep friends and family apprized of every detail) and iPod docking stations in every room (go head, jam out to Salt ‘N Pepper’s Push It or the soothing sounds of Enya). Not to mention that every room at The Baby Place is a private suite.

Stay With Your Baby

While moms dream of the perfect delivery, it is fears of the worst that keep her up at night. Because things don’t always go as planned, it is comforting to know that The Baby Place is also a level 2 NICU. Even more reassuring, at the Baby Place mom can stay in the hospital with her baby for as long as baby remains a patient. No being sent home once mom is healthy, if baby has to stay, mom can stay too. Once mom is discharged as a patient, she is welcome to remain a resident at the hospital to care for baby — as long as baby has to stay.

Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place At Winter Park Memorial Hospital Family

9 Months Of Support And Beyond

From the moment you discover you’re expecting, there is a lot to learn (or relearn if you’ve been through this all before). The Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital is there with hands-on support. The Baby Place Academy offers educational classes including birthing, prenatal yoga, sibling classes and more. Plus through a partnership with Destination Maternity, classes are now held a two locations — Winter Park and Orlando.

The Baby Place at Winter Park is designed with care and comfort in mind. Moms, both first-timers and veterans, are encouraged to connect with the Baby Place on Facebook and explore everything the Baby Place has to offer by scheduling a private tour with Vickie. Every mom dreams the support and care tailored to her specific needs, and the Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place at Winter Park Memorial Hospital is dedicated to helping to make her birth wishes come true.

Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place At Winter Park Memorial Hospital Room

This post is brought to you in partnership with The Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place At Winter Park Memorial Hospital, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. I have heard rumors from my co-workers just how amazing this hospital is. I think I’m most impressed with the massage aspect. I had my wonderful daughter at The Baby Place in Celebration nearly 4 years ago. While a lot of the services were the same (ie the daily smoothie), Winter Park seems to go above and beyond. I’m so very impressed by your article. I have Florida Hospital insurance so I know I can deliver there. Now I just need to make the choice on if I find a new OB or not. I really love my OB, but he is out of Celebration. Maybe they started this new wonderful new moms program as well????????? I have my fingers crossed at least!

  2. It looks like they really cater to the new moms and babies. It looks clean, well organized and the staff sounds amazing.
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  3. I can not say enough wonderful things about Dr. Phillips Baby Place. I had my first son at this beautiful facility and I felt as if the nurses were like sisters and the staff in general was extremely caring and accommodating to both my husband and I. I definitely plan on having my second child delivered here as well.

  4. As a nurse who has worked in L&D and a mommy of four, I can honestly say this looks like a wonderful place to have a baby!

  5. My daughter just had her first child there…it was my 8th grandchild. Out of all the times I have been in the hospital for my other grandchildren – this has been the best experience. I will recommend The Baby Place to all Moms to be that I meet for now on.

  6. I was actually born at that hospital 31 years ago. I love the upgrades and private rooms. I will have to send my mom the link your post she would love it!

  7. I was pleased with Celebration Hospital. But if I would’ve had the choice it would’ve been giving birth here

  8. Not trying to win, just have to say – I have had two children at WP. While it is lovely to give birth there, I found with my second and the post partum issues I had (had to be readmitted), that the nurses in OB were not equipped to deal with a sick post-partum woman, especially one with post partum preeclampsia. It was not a happy time.

  9. I love that all of the rooms are private and absolutely beautiful! Doesn’t look or feel like you’re in a hospital at all!

  10. I had my baby at the Baby Place in September and I cannot say enough fantastic things about my experience! From admission to discharge the facility and care were perfect. All the nurses were amazing and I would choose this hospital 100 times over the others in the area~ and that says a lot since I work at their big competitor;)

  11. I love how comfortable and clean everything looks. So great that baby stays with mom. Sounds like everyone really carees about what they do.


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