Turn Your Video Clips Into Mini Movies With Yourkidvid

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Yourkidvid.

Inspired by a rediscovery of my own childhood videos, I recently vowed to take more videos of my kids. But here is the problem. After I take the video, I eventually download the video to a folder on my computer and there it sits. Unlike my childhood videos that were at least stored on a tape all together — snippets of our days all compiled onto VHS — the videos of my daughters are all over the place. I have a clip here and a clip there all disorganized into various folders by months and years or just in a folder that has all of the images and videos from an old phone. 

If I wanted to watch them right now, I would have to go searching to find all of my video files and watch them one by one. That’s no way to store memories! And it is no way to watch them.

When my daughter was first born, my husband had this great plan of making me a DVD that compiled all of the videos of her first year. I loved the idea, we took lots of videos that first year. She just turned six, and no DVD. Sigh.

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Yourkidvid. After learning about it and agreeing to write about its features I emailed my husband this:

I know what I want for Mother’s Day!

And I proceeded to tell him about Yourkidvid. There’s nothing like dropping a hint to make sure you get what you really want, right?!


Short Clips Into A Yourkidvid Mini Movie

Seriously, I am so excited about this service. I want to make several mini movies! Basically they take all of your little tiny snippets of videos and compile them into one video montage with graphics and music — just like my husband talked about doing for my daughter. But instead of bugging my husband to find the time to do it for the last six years, someone does all for me. Which means it will actually get done! (No offense sweetie, I know your honey-do list is about a mile long from me!)

It’s genius for moms, and Yourkidvid would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for any mom.

There are only a few more days until Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask for Yourkidvid. Forward this post to your family and tell them to get you a gift card (or get one for your mom!). There are two pricing options $29.99 or $49.99, which are both less than a bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day. And from me to you, I’d rather have my memories than flowers! 

Plus use the coupon code 1in85million for 20% off Yourkidvid orders including gift cards. Yes! The coupon code works for gift cards! But hurry, the coupon code expires May 12, 2014.

Yourkidvid Gift Cards

And if you know you want multiple Yourkidvid movies, you can buy gift cards in a three pack and save even more. 

It is the perfect last minute gift because you can email or print a Yourkidvid gift card at home. 

Yourkidvid iPad Giveaway

To celebrate moms, Yourkidvid is holding a contest to find America’s #1 mom. To enter, like Yourkidvid on Facebook AND publish a description of why your mom is #1 on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram using the hashtag, #1in85million.

Your entry can be as simple as sharing a moment, a story, a quick note or even a video about a lifetime of motherly love. Just include the hashtag #1in85million and like Yourkidvid on Facebook by May 11, 2014. The winner will receive an iPad mini plus a Gift Card for a free Yourkidvid Premium Video!  Go to www.yourkidvid.com/1in85million for details and rules.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Yourkidvid.

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