Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

tsm 2Raise your hand if your house is overflowing with plastic Easter Eggs. (Me!) We reuse our eggs from year to year, so I never buy new ones, and yet our collection of plastic eggs grows each year. Well, plastic eggs aren’t just for hiding! This year I have been putting those little eggs to work, even before the bunny’s visit. First I made Easter Egg Sidewalk Chalk, then I made Easter Egg Bath Bombs, finally I made Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats. (The yummiest treat of all!)

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats
I kept seeing the Rice Krispies commercial where the mom makes the hollowed out eggs and fills them with candy, and I totally wanted to make those. But I didn’t want to mess with trying to hollow out the eggs, so I cheated. I made solid eggs and just hid an M&M candy inside. They don’t rattle, but they sure do taste good. And guess what – super easy!

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats
Plus my little baker helped out with the fun. 

Making Rice Krispie Treats

Everyone knows how to make Rice Krispie Treats, right? Well, this is just as easy except you use a mold instead of a pan. Here is how I did it.

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats


  • 3 teaspoons of butter
  • 1 bag of mini marshmallows
  • 6 cups Rice Krispies
  • M&Ms 
  • Sprinkles

Melt the butter in a sauce pans, and then add the marshmallows and melt on low heat.

Rice Krispie Treats Marshmallows
Remove from heat and add six cups of Rice Krispies.

Rice Krispie Treats
Spray plastic eggs with cooking spray, and fill each half. Each half should be full, but not over flowing because you don’t want to crush the Rice Krispies. Place a chocolate candy in the middle of the halves. Note, I sprayed my eggs once at the beginning and never needed to spray again.

Rice Krispie Treat Easter Eggs
Smoosh the halves together. 

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treat

Remove immediately from the plastic egg mold.

Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treat

To decorate, I poured sprinkles in a bowl and let my assistant roll the eggs in the sprinkles.

Making Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats
The result is a tasty treat that was super easy and adorable for Easter! Yummy! 

For even more Rice Krispies inspiration, be sure to follow Rice Krispies on Pinterest. You can also find me on Pinterest too – hint, hint.

Happy Easter.

Rice Krispie Treats Easter Eggs

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