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Sending an e-card is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. It is an instant way to let someone know you are thinking about them. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a video? Even more!

YesVideo and Hallmark have teamed up to make sharing video clips as easy as sending an e-card — and even more fun. 

For a limited time, YesVideo customers can send snippets of their favorite digitalized videos to family and friends framed by a Hallmark card. (How’s that for showing someone you care, sending them an old home movie that has been locked away in some forgotten format — like VHS or Beta.)

Like this fun card I sent to my mom. That’s me on a raft being pulled behind a boat from 1989. I even personalized it to say, “Hope your day is off to a speedy start.” Betcha it made her smile. 

YesVideo Hallmark

You can even share your YesVideo/Hallmark card easily on Facebook.

YesVideo Hallmark Facebook

See for yourself what a YesVideo Hallmark card looks like by watching my video card here.

When sending a card, you can choose from several predesigned frames, add a personalized message and choose whether you want to hear the original audio or a music layover (I created mine with music over it).

The best part is that this new video e-card service is free for YesVideo customers. Of course, you must have your old home videos digitalized with YesVideo before you can send snippets of them, but once you have your videos you can send as many cards as you like.

I just sent a bunch to various people featured in my videos – I am sure it will be a fun surprise for them to find in their in box since all of my videos are from 1988 and ’89. It’s so fun, and so easy!

If you have been thinking about converting your old videos to digital/DVD, now is a great time. You’ll get to relive those moments yourself, and then you can share the best snippets with family and friends all in a convenient Hallmark e-card. Get started with YesVideo today!

Learn more about my experience with YesVideo through my YesVideo post series. 

13 thoughts on “Send A Hallmark Video E-Card With YesVideo”

  1. I have to do this! I think it is a really neat thing that I can do with Hallmark and Yes Video to send an ecard to my sister who lives far away from me. I will have to do this.

  2. I too do not have that many videos & the ones I do have from years ago are on VHS tapes.
    I am bad – never had them transferred to DVDs! They are not of really good quality – I don’t know how the DVDs would turn out.

  3. I love it! My children and grandchildren are in different states so this would be so much fun. I’m sure your mom loved it as much as I would to have received this. That is awesome!

  4. That is really neat that you can personalize your card with home videos! We have lots of old videos that I would love to send snippets to other family members that live out of state.

  5. A video card. That is totally genius! I can already see making my kids do the crazy family video for their grandparents that never get to see them due to location. With pictures, you just don’t get their personality. Here, that would totally not be the case!

  6. this is very nice, a great way to share with long distance relatives and grandparents-great job for Hallmark, cards are getting so sophisticated now and there are so many options, both online and offline.


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