Thor: The Dark World Red Carpet Premiere & Review

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Whether you are a Marvel super fan, or you just appreciate the awesomeness that are Marvel movies Thor: The Dark World is a must see. In fact, after attending the red carpet premiere this week, I can’t wait to watch it again with my husband — it is that good. 

Thor Dark World El Capitan

But before I talk about the movie, let’s get to the important stuff. What did I wear to the uber fabulous movie premiere and who did I see?

So what does one wear to the Hollywood premiere of a Marvel movie at the El Capitan Theatre? Gold sequins, of course!

The Suburban Mom Gold Sequin Dress

I don’t have a good shot of the shoes (killer gold sequined peep-toe pumps), but I assure you they were equally awesome.

All dolled up, I was ready to go. 

As much fun as the Delivery Man red carpet was just the night before, Thor: The Dark World was even better. The red carpet area was gianormous. So big that there was room for people to pass me by, which meant less hollering from security. While many people sped past me, I was happy to take my time soaking in every awesome moment. 

As we approached the red carpet the excitement was overwhelming. You should have seen, and heard, the fans trying to vie for the attention of Chris Hemsworth. Unfortunately, he had his hands full and I wasn’t able to get a clean picture. Still, he was this close to me!

Chris Hemsworth Thor Dark World

Do you know who that is in the picture below? Do you?

Thor Dark World Cat Dennings Stan Lee

That is the hilarious (and ravishing) Cat Dennings and Stan Lee – STAN LEE even made an appearance in my pictures! 

As I slowly made my way down the red carpet, taking it all in I also manage to get lots of red carpet pictures of me ๐Ÿ™‚ I so totally love this picture. Except, what is she wearing? On her face? Nice photo bomb lady.

The Suburban Mom Thor Dark World Red Carpet

Speaking of photo bombs, check out me photo bombing Jessica Parker Kennedy (too bad I am making a goofy face too!). Thanks to my friend Sunny from Babble for finding this gem. (Photo –

Jessica Parker Kennedy The Suburban Mom

There was even time (and space) to get in some group shots. No Tara is not giving me a piggy back ride. (Louise from Mom Start, Kas from Southern Belle’s Ways to Save, Tara from Trippin’ with Tara, Me and Gaby from Disney.) 

Thor Dark World Bloggers

Finally it was time to head inside, find out seats and wait for the movie to start. (I would have lingered all night if I could have.)

The movie was fantastic! 

Thor Cast Hollywood Premiere

(Photo – Disney/Marvel)

Thor: The Dark World picks up after the first Thor and Marvel’s The Avengers. As far as sequels go, I liked this one better than the first Thor. So much of the back story was explained in the first, that there was lots of time for character development, action an all-new story. If you haven’t seen those movies, I highly recommend watching them – especially Thor. So much back story is explained by watching those movies that going into this movie without any prior knowledge might leave you wondering. 

Poor Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Thor’s love interest, has been left wondering what happened to her Thor (Chris Hemsworth) for the last two years. (She gives it to him later for leaving her hanging – go girl!) In her quest to find Thor, she discovers an anomaly that leads her to another world and she becomes infected. Thor (who has been off saving the universe in his absence) immediately detects that something is wrong and rushes to her side. 

Wisking her back to Asgard, it is soon discovered that Jane’s “illness” is much more sinister and could destroy the nine realms. Things quickly become so dire that Thor has no choice but to turn to the last person he expected — his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleson). 

Thor Dark World Anthony Hopkins

For the first time since the series began Loki, the mischievous and outcast brother, and Thor are united against a common enemy. While I am not one to typically root for the bad guy, I have to admit that having met the dashing Hiddleson in person it is easy to get swept up in his devilishly charming ways. He’s the kind of bad guy people love to hate or hate to love. 

Zachary Levi joins the Thor cast as Fandral and delivers some hilarious one-liners. New to the cast for this movie, Levi picked up the role of Fandral as if it had always been him. He and Jaimie Alexander are pretty badass in the movie, and I enjoyed watching them and interviewing them (more on that later). 

After the movie, I ran into this Zachary in the lobby who was uber gracious when I asked to take a picture. Night made. 

Zachary Levi Thor

Epic battles, a united quest, a little romance and quite a bit of humor make this an enjoyable 120 minutes. So much so, I didn’t want it to end. But three little words at the very end of the movie made me cheer (along with a full theater of fans and stars) “Thor Will Return.”

HOT TIP – like previous Marvel movies, you would be well advised to stay after the credits for a little something special. And then, stay a little bit more. There are two bonuses in this movie.

Thor: The Dark World is now in theaters. Go see it.

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Thor Dark World Premiere Bloggers

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  1. Welllll, since you asked, those are LED light up star shades from ๐Ÿ˜€ ! Sorry to disturb your red carpet moment, you looked oh so lovely (THAT DRESS! SEQUINZzzzz!), but pretty sure I was attempting to photobomb the folks in front of us – yours was totally not intentional. ๐Ÿ˜› Zac’s pretty great, huh. The kindness & warmth I’m sure he showed you in the lobby, that is him through & through. CHEERS to the bloggin’ moms! (We work with y’all a lot.)

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Your comment completely made my day. In a million years I didn’t think the lady with the crazy glasses would see my post ๐Ÿ™‚ I got such a chuckle when I looked through my pictures the next morning and saw you. I totally get trying to photo bomb the stars ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you had as much fun as I did!

      • Too funny, right?! Surpriiiiise! I’m in the Zac loop, someone in his camp gave me the heads up about your splendid blog, so I thank you for the laughs & shout out – I live for all things silly. If you spot any other photos like so, please do drop me a line! I’m such a nerd for our stuff + super grateful I get to go to these events, wow wow wow. HOW GREAT WAS THAT MOVIE? The space scenes in 3-D were mesmerizing…as was Tom Hiddleston…

        • Well, howdy! And Howdy to the Zac camp ๐Ÿ™‚ No problem for the shout out. I don’t think I have any other pics, but I will look and see.

          The movie is FANTASTIC!!! I wanna see it again and again ๐Ÿ™‚


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