Sweet Baby Smell For Toddlers – Pampers® Swaddlers In Sizes 4 & 5

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There is nothing like that sweet itty-bitty baby smell. It is intoxicating. It’s a mixture of baby soap, lotion and powdery smell of a clean diaper. Sure, that smell is quickly masked by a dirty diaper, but as long as those diapers are clean — oh man, babies smell so good.

With a two year old, we are long since past that sweet smell. (Often she smells like whatever leftovers she mashed into her hair at mealtime.) But I found a way to get back at least some of that smell. Pampers Swaddlers, the same diapers baby girl wore when I brought her home from the hospital, now come in a size 4 and 5. (Which is perfect since she currently wears a size 4.)

Hello baby powdery smell for toddlers. Yum!

Pampers Swaddlers size 4 5

Plus Pampers Swaddlers include that handy wetness indicator line, a yellow line that turns blue when the diaper is wet. When my oldest was a baby the wetness indicator only came in the newborn size, and my husband was so bummed when there was no wetness indicator. “How am I supposed to know if her diaper is wet and needs changing,” he asked.

Luckily, he figured it out. But I wonder if having that line in bigger sizes might help with potty training — something we will be attempting soon(ish). 

Another great thing about Pampers® is the Gifts to Grow program. Every pack of diapers (and wipes) includes a free code. Those codes can be redeemed for prizes like diapers, toys and gear. My favorite prize is for Shutterfly photo books. It is great to use code from our favorite diapers and wipes to get free Shutterfly books. In addition to the codes in the diapers and wipes, Pampers also regularly releases free codes. So reaching those big prizes is obtainable. (I regularly post those bonus codes too, so you can always find the latest Pampers® Gifts to Grow Codes on The Suburban Mom.)

Pampers® Gifts to Grow also recently started a bonus program that gives you bonus prizes from Shutterfly just for entering a diaper or wipe code each month for three months in a row — in addition to earning the points. (So easy when you have a little one in diapers!)

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