Happy Family Presents Stories From The Bright Side #hfbrightside

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“When you were little, we didn’t have such-and-such fancy contraption to take care of you. We had to…”

It is a familiar story all moms hear from their moms about raising the little ones — at least every mom I know. We are used to it, but baby products advance so fast now that I surprise myself by saying that about products that didn’t exist when my oldest (now 5) was a baby. One of those fancy contraptions is the squeeze pouch for baby food. 

I’ll never forget the time I whipped out the pouch at dinner with my parents. They were amazed, and secretly so was I. Handing my daughter a pouch suddenly allowed her to self feed, and me to enjoy a few bites of my own meal long before she was ready to use a spoon.

Not only are baby food pouches handy and portable, but Happy Family organic pouches come in a variety of healthy and tasty combinations like strawberry / coconut milk and greek yogurt with orange, apple and sweet potato. Fancy! 

Happy Family Baby Food Pouches

As pouches continue to take over the baby food aisle, they have even made the leap to squeezable pouches for big kids. Happy Family pouch varieties like Happy Tot and Happy Squeeze have changed my big girls tune. Suddenly my five year old, who would have nothing to do with anything that looked like baby food is happy for me to hand her a pouch to eat in the car or even in her lunch box. 

Of course, I am more than happy to hand over a pouch to either of my girls, especially one packed with extra goodness like omega 3 and antioxidants. A much more healthy snack alternative than traditional applesauce. (Which BTW is what my daughter’s call the pouches.)

From messy babies to babies who just won’t eat anything — we all have stories. 

Currently, my toddler (22 months) is obsessed with a fork. So whether or not she has to skills to properly wield a fork, she insists on one with every meal. Even sandwiches. Add to that her new-found will power, “no,” and suddenly my easy-going eater presents me with food challenges daily. 

“Let mommy help you with that.”  


I have given up on bibs, most nights she eats topless because I know most of her meal will end up on her. Happy Family

Need some humor for your afternoon? Happy Family has produced eight videos about real parents’ funny stories with the help of improve actors. You can find the videos on Facebook, this is one of my favorites:


Good luck and remember to write down all of those cute (and trying) moments before they get big. 

Disclosure: I participated in this post on behalf of Burst Media. I was compensated for my time and commitment, but all opinions are my own.

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