3 Tips For Successfully Fighting Everyday Stains

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I am a stain-fighting ninja. No seriously, I actually get excited about getting stains out, and with the right tools I am really good at it too. I spend a lot of money on the perfect wardrobe for my girls, and since they can’t seem to go a meal without spilling I spend a lot of time spraying, rubbing and washing their laundry. (Mine too if I am being totally honest here.) 

When I see a stain on my daughters’ clothes, I look at it like a challenge waiting to be conquered. Especially when it comes to my oldest daughter, those clothes have to last to be passed on to baby sister! 

With years of stain fighting under my belt, I have learned a few tricks that help me manage stains. 

3 Stain Fighting Tips

Here are 3 secrets to my stain-fighting success.

  1. Separate Stained Items Immediately – In my house the laundry rule is that when food is spilt, clothes bypass the laundry hampers and go straight to the laundry room sink. By keeping stained pieces separate from the rest of the laundry, I can be sure stains get treated before they go in the wash. 
  2. Treat Stains ASAP – Admittedly, I often fail at my own tip. In theory, I treat stains in the laundry room sink quickly. But there are times when those stains sit and sit and sit. Those are always the hardest to remove. Whenever possible, treat stains as soon as you can. 
  3. Use Resolve – To get stains out the first time, you need a powerful and versatile stain remover like Resolve. Spray, agitate, wait and repeat if necessary for really tough, set-in stains. Then toss the soiled garment in the wash and launder as usual. 

Join me in my laundry room to see my tips in action.


In need of even more stain-fighting tips? Check out Resolve’s Tip Exchange to see more videos and tips from other stain-fighting ninjas like myself. 

Happy stain fighting! 

This is a sponsored video for Resolve that I have been compensated for & received free product for through Burst Media.

27 thoughts on “3 Tips For Successfully Fighting Everyday Stains”

  1. That is a great idea to put the stained laundry into the laundry room sink. Too often I throw them in the laundry basket and then end up forgetting to treat it. Thanks!

  2. I haven’t been very successful with a stain remover, but I have yet to try Resolve. Next time I am shopping, I am definitely picking some up. Thanks for your tips as well!

  3. I don’t use resolve but I have found something that does work well for me. I should try resolve though and see if that works.

  4. I haven’t used it yet but just picked this up after reading about it a couple weeks ago. Waiting for a good stain to test it out now.

  5. With three kiddos (2 girls and 1 boy), I am constantly fighting stains! I too throw the stained clothes either in the laundry sink or in a “stained clothes basket” so that I can be sure they get treated! I haven’t tried resolve yet so I’m looking forward to trying this product over my go-to stain fighter. Thank you!

  6. Great tips and I do use Resolve every day. It is by far the best that I have tried to date. The majority of the time it will work on the first wash, if not by the second to be sure. Everything from mud to mustard!

  7. im always looking for tips on getting my husbands white chef shirts clean, they look so stained and dingy looking! Ill try this and see what happens!

  8. My daughter’s school uniforms are white polo shirts! Will definitely try this out — always looking for great stain removal tips! Thanks!

  9. Oh I have never tried Resolve before, but will have to try! We have some laundry that I have not been able to get the stain out…going to give it a try!!!


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