Stand Up To Cancer By Using Your MasterCard When You Dine Out #DoGood #MC

mcWhen I come across a penny, I typically do one of two things with it. I either give it to my daughter to put in her piggy bank with the rest of her “collection” or, if it is shinny, I save it for her to make a squished penny. She probably has 30 squished pennies and 50-100 pennies in her piggy bank. That’s a lot of penny collecting, but sill less than $2. 

It’s hard to imagine a penny ever really amounting to something, but through MasterCard’s “Dig In & Do Good” program pennies really add up. I mean really add up – to the tune of 355,036,200 pennies. That’s $3,550,362, and that $3.5 million is earmarked for cancer research. 

Dig In & Do Good #MC

And MasterCard isn’t finished. With a goal of donating $4 million to cancer research, YOU can help stand up to cancer by eating out and paying for that meal with your MasterCard. Because from now through September 28, 2013 every time you spend $10 or more at a restaurant $.01 will be donated to the Stand Up To Cancer initiative

A penny seems so small, and yet that goal of $4 million for cancer research has nearly been achieved – one penny at a time, one meal at a time.

Master Card Dig In & Do Good Goal $4 Million  #MC

Why Dig In & Do Good?

Cancer is a dirty word. It is a single word that creates immeasurable fear, intense pain and unfathomable suffering. And it has stricken some of the strongest women I know. In fact, four women who have made an impact on my life for the last 25+ years are currently waging a war against breast cancer. Four women. 

The lovely women battle with such ferocity against a disease that has stripped them bare that they inspire me. Even in their pain, their darkest hours, they find strength none of us knew they had. They battle on.

Although pennies seem so small, I can only imagine what researchers can do with $4 million. As I watch my friends and family struggle with cancer, I am often left feeling helpless. There’s not much more I can do for them other than to pray. But in honor of these women I take advantage of every opportunity I can to support causes that lead to more funding for breast cancer research in hopes that someday my daughter’s don’t have to bear the news that their childhood friend is stricken. 

So I pledge to Dig In & Do Good. It’s a tiny thing for me to do — pay for a meal out with my MasterCard. But together we can make a huge difference one meal at a time.

MasterCard Dig In & Do Good #MC

How You Can Help Stand Up To Cancer

There are three easy ways you can take part in MasterCard’s Dig In & Do Good program.

Dine Out – Spend $10 or more at any restaurant of your choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner and pay for that meal with your MasterCard. Ding, that’s one more penny. (Bonus if you pay for a meal with MasterCard PayPass, MasterCard will double the donation.)

Eat Out And Do Good #MC

Book A Table – Make it a party. Invite your family and friends on Facebook or your colleagues on LinkedIn to Dig In & Do Good with you. 

MasterCard Dig In & Dine Out Book a Table #MC

Show Support – Show your support by spreading the word about Dig In & Do Good. Tell everyone you know via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn through the Dig In & Do Good site with just a click. 

MasterCard Dig In & Do Good Show Support #MC

Learn more about the Dig In & Do Good program and Stand Up To Cancer initiative. Together we can make a difference, one penny at a time. 

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