DIY Jewelry Display With Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks (In Less Than 5 Minutes!)

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I have a thing for long necklaces. I love them. They are my accessory of choice with just about everything. But storing my necklaces has been a bit of a mess. They are too long for my jewelry box, so they ended up in a box like so.

Jewelry Box Display

And as you can imagine, every time I needed one I had to take them all out and untangle them. I’ve seen tons of beautiful DIY necklace displays on Pinterest, and maybe someday I will get around to making one, but in the mean time mine were in a heap.

Then I received samples of Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks to try. As soon as they arrived I knew what I would do with them. I would turn the inside of my armoire into a hanging display for my necklaces. It was so easy, within minutes my necklaces were hanging on the inside of the door, out of sight and tangle free.

GeckoTech Resable Hooks Duck

What I like most about Geko Tech Reusable Hooks is that there is no adhesive involved – none. The hooks stick with micro suction, which means there is nothing to damage the surface they cling to. (I’ve had “damage-free” adhesive ruin my wall before. Not fun.) Since there is no adhesive, I feel confident in placing them inside my wood armoire without worry that some day they will strip the finish. 

DIY Jewelry Display Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks

To create my new display, I followed the directions on the package

  1. Clean surface with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.
  2. Stick to surface and press to push out air bubbles.
  3. Hang my jewelry. 

Because I am always looking for ways to reduce my family’s carbon footprint, I also like that the hooks can be reused – over and over again. They are made with a revolutionary microsuction synthetic rubber that can be washed with soapy water if it becomes less sticky (from dust, etc). So if I ever do make a fancy display, I can use the hooks for something else! 

Note – Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks cannot be used on wallpapered, textured, peeling, uneven, coarse or fragile surfaces. 

Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks are available in three sizes that can hold up to a half pound, three pounds or five pounds. For my jewelry display, I used the smallest size, which comes in a four pack. You can buy Gecko Tech hooks at Meijer, and they will soon be available on Amazon and at Office Max.

Gecko Tech Reusable Hooks DIY Jewelry Display

For more project inspiration, be sure to follow Duck Brand (the makers of Gecko Tech) on Twitter @TheDuckBrand.

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