Celebrating The Brighter Side With Happy Family & Funny Feeding Stories

TSM-PPIn my house, we have two very different eaters. On one hand there is our 5 year old who, although she eats a large variety of foods, is the slowest eater on the planet. On the other hand, our one and a half year old is a power eater who can clean her plate and be on a second helping before big sis has finished half her meal. And she regularly out eats big sis in quantity too.

We have everything we can think of to speed up the dinner process (pleading, timers, silence, bribery…), but she’s just a slow eater. The goodness is that she is happy to sit there and eat while the rest of us move on to cleaning the kitchen, so eventually she fills her belly. But man, some nights it is downright painful. 

I am lucky to have two reasonably good eaters, although my toddler has recently discovered some serious will power, the word “no” and pushing her plate away. Not a good combo!

messy face 2

Kids and food. Ask and parent about dinner time at their house, and you are likely to get an ear-full of dinnertime rituals. From kids who eat anything and everything placed before them (a rare breed) to kids who will only eat mac and cheese for every meal — every parent has a story. And every parent I know also has pictures of those adorable messy faces to illustrate their adventures in eating. 

Messy baby food face pictures are like a rite of passage, and they are just so stinkin’ cute. So we snap them of new eaters smeared with baby food and bigger kids covered in desert that the enjoyed a bit too much. There’s almost always a messy-face photo on my camera!

messy face

Happy Family

Happy Family is a brand of organic food offering a complete line of products for kids as they grow from babies and toddlers to big kids. Products include Happy Baby, Happy Tot, Happy Bellies, Happy Puffs, Happy Yogis, Happy Squeeze and more. We have been fans of the Happy Family line since my oldest was a baby, and continue to stock Happy Tot pouches and Happy Puffs in our pantry regularly. 

Stories From The Brighter Side Contest

To celebrate the Brighter Side, Happy Family is running a contest to find the funniest feeding story. The winner of the Stories From The Brighter Side Contest will receive a $20,000 scholarship. Yikes – $20,000!  

To enter simply share your story in writing or as a video on Happy Family’s Facebook page

Also make sure you grab a coupon for $.50 off one Happy Family product. You will find a $1 off two coupon located within the Stories From The Brighter Side app on Facebook. 

So what are you waiting for? Share your funny feeding stories with Happy Family. Not only will you relive a special family memory, that funny story could win a scholarship for your little one!

Stories From The Brighter Side Happy Family

This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Happy Family blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

18 thoughts on “Celebrating The Brighter Side With Happy Family & Funny Feeding Stories”

  1. My baby is such a messy eater but my 5 year old is getting to the stage where he eats like a clean neat freak. Baby pictures at the table are a must some nights.

  2. You have super cute ideas. I just saw your blog on pinterest. The comment on eating above – is literally identical to my kids – my daughter who is 5 slow as molasses when it comes to almost anything but dessert and my son – almost 1 and 1/2 years is my vacuum eater.

  3. my baby is such a picky eater, but when she likes something it shows ALL over her face.. i dont think she gets anything in her mouth!

  4. Lucky for me, my daughter is a good eater…loves fruits and veggies but tends to be quite slow. She can be messy…eating down the middle of the sandwich, so that she has jelly on her face by the time it is all done 🙂

  5. You summed up my dinner – one who will only eat certain things and barely try anything to my youngest who will at least try them first – oldest would not even do that. I like the idea of Happy Family and will have to look for it at the store, thanks!

  6. When my oldest was about 1, we were feeding him carrots. My husband had his very expensive camera out and I was all smiles. We were so excited watching him eat like a big boy…that is, until he sneezed with a full bite of food in his mouth. He sprayed carrot all over me, my husband, the two thousand dollar camera and my kitchen. We sat there stunned until the baby started laughing! OH MY!

  7. My boys are definitely messy eaters, and I also having messy face pictures in my camera all the time. 🙂 They’re just too cute that way! Lol! We have those same IKEA bowls/plates that are in your pictures. They are soooo handy! Thanks for the info about the Happy Family contest. 🙂

  8. Love messy faces!! I think its cute now that my 3 yr old and 1 yr old try to steal from each other’s plate. Hey, at least they are eating, right?

  9. I love the pictures! When I was little I used to love eating ice cream and I would get it everywhere. Funny enough my niece does the same thing. She loves ice cream but gets more on her face than in her mouth!


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