Disney’s Planes Soars & 5 Reasons Your Kids Are Gonna LOVE it!


Grab your tickets and prepare to board for a high-flying, make-you-smile, Disney movie that the whole family is gonna love. Planes is ready for take off. 

In case you haven’t heard – Disney’s Planes arrives in theaters today. And in case you are curious, it’s gonna be huge! 

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I had the lucky opportunity to screen Planes earlier this summer. While I knew little to nothing about the film prior to the screening, a few minutes in I was so wrapped up in the movie I forgot planes were not real living beings. For 92 minutes I was immersed in the world of Planes, and I loved every minute. 

I’m not a fan of spoilers so you won’t find any here, but in case you are wondering if you should see Planes here are 5 reasons not to miss this Disney film.

Inspired By Cars

Did your kids like Cars? Did you? Not only does Planes look like Cars, but, you know with planes, but it also brings in many of the same elements of Cars that made the movie so special. Building on the idea of an entire world cars, Planes is clearly a whole world of planes. What surprised me was that in Planes cars and planes coexist. Although you don’t have to have seen either of the Cars movies to love Planes, seeing the cars throughout the movie leaves moviegoers with the idea that somewhere Lighting and Mater are living their lives parallel to Dusty and his pal Chug.

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Who Doesn’t Love An Underdog Story

In true Disney fashion, Planes is, at its heart, an underdog story. The hero, Dusty (Dan Cook), is a crop duster from Prop Wash Junction. Not built for speed, but for flying low and slow, he dreams of racing. Despite everything, he dreams and he trains. When he is finally accepted into a race around the world, he discovers his greatest challenges. With a team of friends by his side, he makes his place alongside some of the greatest racers in the world. 

You Will Laugh And You Might Cry

Funny? You bet. This movie is filled with humor for both kids and parents. In fact, El Chupacabra’s humor nearly steals the show. But if you are a sap for Disney movies with a strong hero and a good story, you might also find yourself a bit choked up. Yes, it is a cartoon. Yes, the outcome is inevitable. But with a little Disney magic, this girl (and the women sitting on either side of me during the screening) found herself a little teary eyed. No need for a tissue, but be ready for a possible misty eye. 

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Girls Rule

The movie maybe about airplanes and appeal to little boys en masse, but don’t let the general lack of pink sparkles keep your little girls from experiencing this movie. In addition to a story about following your dreams (and the importance of friendship), there are also three strong female characters. Each with their own noble characteristics, Dottie, Rochelle and Ishani prove that girls can be smart, powerful, caring, funny and more. And yes, there is even a purple car and a pink plane. There really is something for everyone.

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What Age Is This Movie Good For?

Planes opens this weekend, and I plan to take my 5-year-old daughter, my 1-year-old daughter, my 13-year-old nephew and my 15-year-old niece to see it. What age do I think this movie is suited for — all ages. Yes, it is PG. But compared to other PG Disney films, this is one of the tamest. The rating comes from a wartime flashback and some crude humor. The flashback includes planes shooting planes, and, although done tastefully, it involves some violence. As far as the humor, I tend to be overly conservative with humor in our home, but I can’t remember any jokes from the movie that bothered me. (Update – there are a couple of jokes about drinking “You sad, you drink” and death “Well, he is going to die” my daughter didn’t notice either.) So, as I said, I am taking the whole family.

(FYI – if you want to skip the violence, it’s the perfect time for a potty break.) 

Wheels up. Planes is in theaters now! 

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