How We Stay Together With Skype + Sweepstakes Info

This post is brought to you by Skype, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I am fundamentally a homebody. I am happy and content being at home with my family by my side – every night. I have dreams of traveling the world, and someday I hope to get the chance. But when I do, I want my people there beside me. I want to explore the world with my husband and our daughters. And after globetrotting, I want to come home to our house any enjoy being home – together. 

Most nights, that’s where I am. Home with my family. I am lucky that neither my husband or I have to travel often for work. But on occasion, travel cannot be avoided. (Plus, sometimes it is fun. Shhhh.) When you are a homebody, leaving home without your family is hard enough and then you add to it a teary-eyed five year old. Oh boy, that girl can lay it on thick! 

Although dad tends to get it worse than I do, those tears break my heart.

As luck would have it two weeks in a row my husband and I found ourselves alternatively traveling for work. (Bring on the waterworks.)

While there is nothing like actually being there to tuck my babies in at night, I don’t know what I would do without Skype. Not only do the girls get a kick out of video chatting, but the ability to actually see those sweet smiling faces makes me feel better about the miles. Those five-minute chats are priceless.

We like to chat via Skype so much, we upgraded from gathering around a computer screen by adding a web cam to our TV. Instead of seeing heads huddled together vying for attention, I can see the whole living room, which allows the girls to dance, sing and generally act silly for mommy to see – it’s just like being there. And me — I am larger than life on the big screen.

Skype with Mom

Skype brings all types of families together across the country and around the world. Some, like mine, are only apart for a few days. While others find themselves separated for years at a time. But all have one thing in common, the ability to use Skype to stay in touch with loved ones.

Stay Together Contest

The ability to help keep families together has inspired Skype’s “Stay Together” contest. From now through July 22, 2013, create an original essay in which you describe how you use Skype to stay together in communication with family and friends, and why you should be chosen to be featured in the next Stay Together story. At the end of the entry period, one grand prize winner will be selected to share their story and receive a trip to visit family in the form of a $10,000 United Airlines gift card! 

If you have a great story about how Skype has helped you “Stay Together,” visit to enter your essay. Good luck.

For a little inspiration, here’s a story about how one girl finds her own passion overseas and then stays in touch with her adopted family oceans apart. Enjoy.


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4 thoughts on “How We Stay Together With Skype + Sweepstakes Info”

  1. We use Skype quite frequently for keeping in touch with our family around the US as well as my best friend in Switzerland. So cool to feel like we’re connected no matter what the distance.

  2. We have been loyal Skype users for 10 years! Shortly after our 2nd son was born, my husband joined the army. He was gone for 2 years straight. Skype was our best means of communication with him and with our other family. We were stationed in Germany while he was deployed to Iraq. And our family was all back in the States. Skype was used DAILY! We couldn’t afford the telephone calling, But Skype was awesome as we got to see and talk to everyone.

    Now we are out of the army, but still have 6 months a year where the husband has to go away for an internship. And again we use Skype daily to keep in touch and so the kids can see Daddy.


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