How We Stay Together With Skype + Sweepstakes Info

I am fundamentally a homebody. I am happy and content being at home with my family by my side – every night. I have dreams of traveling the world, and someday I hope to get the chance. But when I do, I want my people there beside me. I want to explore the world with my husband and our daughters. And after globetrotting, I want to come home to our house any enjoy being home – together.

Logitech Skype TV Cam HD Review

Video conferencing has slowly eeked its way into our everyday lives as I was recently reminded of when my four-year-old daughter asked to “video call dad.” Hubs used to work close enough to come home for lunch several days a week, but the new job, unfortunately, is too far away …

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Staying Connected Through Skype This Summer

In our family, the 4th of July is celebrated with an annual family reunion at the beach. It is an event not to be missed with anywhere from 20-40 members of our extended family in attendance that we look forward to it every year. But this year, something was missing — Dad. We could …

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Skype Keeps Us Connected On The Go

When you think of Skype, you probably think about Skype-to-Skype video chats made from computers. That is what the Internet phone service is known for, of course. But while video chats via computer have made this company a household name, its services provide users with even more options. Some services …

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