Live Streaming Video Of A Bald Eagle Family With Two Babies

Ready to take a break from whatever you are doing and marvel in some cuteness? My husband came home the other night and told us about a co-worker who set up a live streaming web cam in a tree near his in-laws’ house. The tree contains the nest of a pair of bald eagles, nicknamed Ozzie and Harriet, and their family — two tiny babies born January 1 and 3, 2013.

The bald eagle camera streams live 24-7, with night vision for seeing after dark, and we are pretty much obsessed with it. My daughter keeps asking to see the “birds of our country,” and even while the girls are napping I find myself sneaking peaks. Right now, there is a great view of one of the adults and both babies! Earlier today both adults were in the nest feeding the babies a fish. It is sooo cool.

Ok, go now. Check out the adorable eagle family. It will make you (and your kids) smile!

Bald Eagle Southwest Florida Cam

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  1. Tis is awesome, my kids are loving it and especially my 7 year old is who a Birds of Prey expert and whose favorite animal is the bald eagle. He taught me more about eagles during our first 5 minutes of watching this than I’ve ever known before. What a great camera. Thinks a for sharing


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