Disney + Chevy + Test Track + One Republic = Magic!

You already know that Disney is magical. But did you know that the magic continues long after the parks have closed to regular visitors? I got my first glimpse at after-hours magic in college when I was invited to a party inside Epcot at the Odyssey Center long after the park closed. Before that night I had no idea there was more to Disney magic then just day-time hours. Over the past couple of years, I have had the privileged to attend several parties inside Disney parks after hours and each has been spectacular. Disney does know how to wow.

In December, I attended a bash of all bashes at Epcot to celebrate the reopening of Test Track. Through a partnership with Chevrolet, Test  Track has been completely reimagineered and when Disney and Chevy come together to throw a party “Wow” doesn’t even begin to describe the shindig.

Food, fireworks and a private concert by One Republic!

Epcot Test Track #Chevy One Republic Disney

Who would have thought my daughters’ first rock concert would be held at Epcot?!

I posted a LOT of pictures on Instagram of our Disney visit during the #NewFantasyLand grand opening, but the pictures of One Republic during the #TestTrack party garnered the most jealousy from friends.It truly was a magical evening.

No, the magic doesn’t end when Disney Parks close at the end of the day to guests. And each time I am invited to a VIP parties I am left to wonder what other magical parties are happening after hours at the happiest place on earth.

Have you ever been to a private party at Disney? I’d love to hear about it.

One Republic Concert Disney Epcot #TestTrack #Chevy

Thank you to Chevrolet and Disney for inviting me to be part of this very special weekend of events. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Mimi Williams says:

    Wow! How do you get invited to these events? Is there a special listing they pull from?

    • This was a media event to publicize the opening, so I was invited on behalf of Chevy (Disney’s partner fro Test Track) to cover the event on the blog. They hold all kinds of events, the one I went to in college was a private event, but the ones I go to nowadays are media events.

  2. Mimi Williams says:

    Total awesomeness!

  3. It’s great to see companies give back to the people who help them. I hope one day to see those magical inside moments at Disney. Job well done!

  4. That sounds so neat! Good for you!

  5. I’ve never been to a huge party like this one. Looks insanely awesome!!

  6. What a blast you must have had. I attended DisneySocialMediaMoms for the first time last year and the party at Animal Kingdom was so much fun!

    Hubby and I got to go on a few rides together which is something we have never done before. Just a memorable evening.

    My son wanted to do Test Track so badly when we went but as you know it was closed then.

    • It was a blast! Disney knows a good party! The Animal Kingdom one was last year was fantastic too! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. is there anything Disney doesn’t do right? I love every event I’ve ever been to. Sounds spectacular as always!

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