The Christmas Of Barbies And Princesses

Christmas for a four year old means pink, Disney Princesses and Barbies. Her wish list was exactly four items long — a Barbie, Disney Princess Play-Doh set, reading books and surprises. Imagine her surprise when Christmas morning she discovered not one but two Barbies, a couple of Disney Princesses and a royal carriage plus the Play-Doh and books too. It was a big Christmas!

I am happy to report that a couple of weeks after Christmas the toys selected by Santa and dear old mom are still a hit!

Disney Princess Barbie Camera Merida

Barbie The Princess and The Popstar Fashion Tori Doll – Wearing a pink crown, a pink dress and rocking a pink guitar she is perfect. Oh and then I gave my daughter a copy of her movie, Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar, and she went crazy. She LOVED the movie. Seriously, she hasn’t been this excited about a movie in a long while. Cute story, a pretty princess and lots of songs to get up and dance to makes for a happy girl.

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll – She’s a Barbie, she’s a camera, she’s a hit! Barbie has gone totally high-tech. K was pleased as a peach to have her own camera to snap photos of us on Christmas morning. Barbie even has cool overlays that make your pictures super spiffy. It makes my little girl happy, and that makes me happy. She only has four buttons, which makes her simple enough for a four year old to manage, but it still does everything you could want it to do. I was surprised that she doesn’t have an “off” button, but it is pretty cool that she just turns off by herself. It is important to note that this is a camera that looks like a doll, but she’s not your typical Barbie. Her hands and arms are positionable, but her legs don’t bend.

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

Disney Cinderella Holiday Princess Doll 2012 – I did it, I broke down and gave the Holiday Princess to my daughter, and I let her open it. I had to take deep breaths. (Don’t know what I am talking about, read about my conflict to keep this pretty lady for myself or give her to my daughter.) Guess what, I am glad I gave her to K. She loves her, and she loves to give her rides in her new carriage. It was a perfect fit.

Disney Princess Cinderella Transforming Pumpkin Carriage Doll

Disney Princess Cinderella Transforming Pumpkin Carriage – Love! Finally a carriage for her princesses and Barbies. Cinderella and all of her friends have paraded around the living room in this swanky ride. Not just for full-size dolls, a whole gaggle of Princess Little People can also fit inside, courtesy of baby sister. The girls love transforming the carriage into a pumpkin and back, over and over.The girls love this toy.  Even I have to admit, it’s really clever, but I do have a couple of complaints. The pink headdress on the horse, does not stay on – at all. After several failed attempts and frustration, I threw it away. It’s not necessary, and the girls forgot all about it. Secondly, the carriage is made out of a flimsy plastic because of that the doors get caught on the vines below and don’t swing shut. I wish it felt sturdier, I am secretly afraid it is going to fall apart.

My advice, be frugal and buy it on sale. (I paid about $30, not $50.) The girls love it, so I would buy it again and again.

Merida – Her princess collection wasn’t complete with out Disney’s newest princess. So, of course, I had to complete the collection. (Guess what she pointed out to me a few days after Christmas, she doesn’t have Jasmine. Oh well.) Merida is a really pretty doll, and we just love her red curls. She looks so different from the other princesses, she’s a wonderful addition to the collection.

Disney Princess Cinderella Transforming Pumpkin Carriage

Barbie Photo Fashion sample provided, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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