Disney Cinderella Holiday Princess Doll 2012

My husband likes to tease because in one of my many boxes of Christmas decoration lives a 1989 Holiday Barbie – mint in the box. Yes I was 10 years old when I received my Barbie doll for Christmas, but even back then I knew she was perfect in the box. Besides, I had plenty of other Barbies to play with.

When the Holiday Princess Cinderella 2012 arrived at our house, the first question out of my husband’s mouth was, “Will you let her play with it?”

To tell the truth, I still haven’t decided if this “toy” is for her or for me.

From Mattel:

Celebrate the season with this special edition, holiday-themed Cinderella. Dressed for a ball, this charming doll perfectly captures the magic and spirit of the holidays. Her beautiful blue ball gown sparkles with cascading white and silver accents. Elegant white gloves, dangling earrings and a regal tiara complete the festive look. Girls of all ages will treasure this elegant edition of one of Disney’s most-loved princesses. Includes a sparkling keepsake slipper that can be used as an ornament. Doll cannot stand alone.

Why I Love It – Let’s see, it is my favorite Disney Princess. She’s all beautiful and sparkly. She is collectible, and she makes me feel like a little girl. What’s not to love about it. K already has two Cinderella dolls, so I can assure you this doll by far has the most lovely gown of them all. Mattel and Disney have not previously teamed up to create a holiday princess, but I am hoping that Cinderella is the first of many.

What do you think? Should we play with her or keep her in the box as decoration? I am leaning toward placing her on my shelf next to Barbie!

Buy it – The 2012 Disney Cinderella Holiday Princess Doll is available on Amazon.

Great Gift For – This beautiful doll is a great gift for princesses of all ages, whether she is to be played with or loved from afar. (Note, the box says ages 6+ because of small pieces.)

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Cinderella Holiday Princess 2012 Disney Mattel

4 thoughts on “Disney Cinderella Holiday Princess Doll 2012”

  1. I would keep her in the box! I have tons of Barbies MIB still….but I do feel the guilt of my girls not opening their own Barbie from a box & playing with her hair or dress! But you can always buy a cheap Barbie to take care of that problem. 🙂

  2. Oohh she is beautiful. I would want to leave her in the box, but that would never happen with my girls. My daughter would love her because she loves Cinderella & all things princess!


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