My Style: Comfort And No nonsense

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One of my goals for 2013 is to dress better. I dress nice, when I try. The problem is that most days, I just don’t try. For a work at home mom, it’s hard to get the motivation to put myself together to look nice most days. So I pull out the same jeans and t-shirts over and over.  To combat my lazy, style must be comfy and easy. Otherwise, it’s back to old shirts and jeans.

The first step toward this goal is to continue my recent closet purge. I have lost two dress sizes in the past couple of years, yet I continue to hang on to those bigger clothes. Why? Because 1) I hate waste and 2) I am a pack rat who can’t part with anything least I should need it again some day for some reason. I managed to clean out 20 (yes 20) pairs of pants this fall. Not only were they all huge on me, but they were dry-clean only dress pants from my office days – 5 years ago. (I know, I have a problem.)

Now that I have eliminated all ill-fitting pants and skirts, it’s time to add some bottoms to my wardrobe that fit (other than jeans!).

No nonsense recently challenged me to show how I could incorporate a new pair of No nonsense tights and leggings into my wardrobe. Since I am a leggings and tights girl, I expected it to be an easy challenge. Then I got my package — a pair of jean leggings and red tights. Since these are not ordinarily things I would have picked out for myself, I tend to stay neutral on the bottom half with blacks and browns, it was a challenge.

Digging through my closet, I thought of the tunic that recently headed off to Goodwill during my purge. The pack rat inside of me cursed giving it away. I tried pairing it with my favorite tunic that I typically wear with black leggings, but I didn’t like the black tunic with the dark denim legging. I needed a lighter color. That’s when I decided to step out of my closet and go on a hunt for the perfect outfit for me – one that I could wear around the house and still look cute at carpool. The result? Success.

No Nonsense Leggings Outfit Jeggings

FYI – Tunic, shoes and bag from and leggings from

Up next, the red tights. I haven’t worn colored tights since I was a girl. But I like the look in magazines, so why not?! Again I wasn’t happy with options in my own closet, so I went shopping. But after pairing up items online, I realized I have very similar pieces in my closet. I can totally pull off this look with pieces I already own – score. (Locals make sure you comment when you seem me wearing this look around town!)

No Nonsense Tights Outfit

FYI – Top, skirt and shoes from and tights from

Whatcha think? I think both outfits are cute, fit my style, totally affordable and easy enough to pull off for a WAHM. Now that’s No nonsense.

Need more idea about how to incorporate this trendy look into an everyday wardrobe? Style expert and TV personality Jill Martin (you’ve seen her on the Today Show and Access Hollywood) has teamed up with No nonsense to show off how she uses colorful tights to create some of today’s hottest looks. Check out the video below for tips from a real fashion guru.

Plus No nonsense won’t break the bank, available at food and drug stores as well as mass retail stores, No nonsense is a affordable accessory to any outfit. For even more style inspiration, check out No nonsense on Facebook and on Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “My Style: Comfort And No nonsense”

  1. Thank God for leggins and tunics! I wear them a lot, too. As I am not gifted with long and beautiful legs I usually go with black leggins and more cheerful top. It’s so comfortable and yet makes me feel attractive. Glad to see you’ve changed your ways, too! Well done 🙂


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