I’d Like To Introduce You To Galaxy

Let me introduce you to my new BFF. This is Galaxy. Ain’t she a beaut? As part of my Verizon Wireless Ambassadorship, I got my hands on this little baby the day after she was released. How cool is that? I have only been playing with her for a couple days now, but I have to […]

Going Mobile With A Verizon Hotspot

Now that summer is upon us, my family has many trips to the beach planned. Not only is a trip to the beach a great time to relax, but the two-hour drive is a great chance to get some work done. After loading up the kids, dogs and stuff into the car we pop in […]

I Am A Verizon Wireless Ambassador

I was attending Les Misérables with my father when the email came though. I actually squealed with excitement. I was chosen to be a Verizon Wireless Ambassador and test out some of Verizon’s latest and greatest technology. For once, I would be the one in the house with the newest and coolest phone, yippie. Let me introduce you to the coolest, […]