Snikiddy Cheese Puffs Are YUM!

“What are we having for lunch today, mommy?” K asked like she asks every day.

“Turkey and cheese, apple slices and cheese puffs,” I replied placing everything on the counter so she could “help” make lunch.

“CHEESE PUFFS! Mommy, did you said cheese puffs? Oh, thank you, mommy! I have always wanted cheese puffs like the kids in school. You are the best mommy in the world! Cheese puffs, cheese puffs, cheese puffs,” she squealed with delight and a little dance.

Overdramatic? Probably, but that’s life with a four-year-old, and had I any idea she would be this excited about cheese puffs I assure you I would have bought some sooner.

But these cheese puffs were not your ordinary cheese puffs, these cheese puffs are Snikiddy all-natural cheese puffs. Hence the reason for the sudden addition to her lunch, I found cheese puffs with no preservatives! And guess what, they are just as yummy!

Snikiddy cheese puffs made me a mommy hero!!!

Alright enough bragging about how yummy they are and how much my family is enjoying all-natural snacking, let’s talk about how you can win your own. I have a couple of great options for you – a giveaway from Snikiddy and a giveaway from me! Squee!

Snikkidy Cheese Puffs

But first, I know I am delaying again but for a good reason, let me tell you about the Snikiddy line of snacks:

  • All-Natural Cheese Puffs are baked with real cheese and corn and contain 50% less fat than potato chips. They are gluten and wheat-free, without the drawbacks of other puff snacks: No artificial colors or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or cholesterol. Available in Grilled Cheese Puffs and Mac n’ Cheese Puffs
  • All-Natural Baked Fries are made with real potatoes, corn and cheese and contain 50% less fat than regular potato chips. These snacks are gluten and wheat-free and free of artificial colors or preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated oils, or cholesterol. They are baked in a nut-free facility. Available in Sea Salt, Cheddar Cheese, Original Seasoning, Bold Buffalo, Southwest Cheddar, Barbeque and Classic Ketchup.
  • Eat Your Vegetables™ are made with a unique blend including sweet potatoes, carrots and navy beans. These snacks offer an excellent source of Vitamin A and more fiber and protein than most other snack products. They are also gluten and wheat-free, cholesterol-free and free of trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and preservatives. Available in Sea Salt, Sour Cream & Onion, Jalapeño Ranch.

You can find Snikiddy snacks at Whole Foods and other grocery chains.

This giveaway has ended.

Disclosure – I was provided Snikiddy snacks to facilitate this review, however, all thoughts and opinions (snack enjoyment) are my own. 

186 thoughts on “Snikiddy Cheese Puffs Are YUM!”

  1. my son loves the mac n cheese noodles, but since you don’t have them listed, then I’m going with the grilled cheese puffs! He likes them all!

  2. I stopped buying cheetos because of the bad stuff in them but I love cheese puffs and want to try these.
    Thanks for the contest.

  3. The All-Natural Cheese Puffs in Grilled Cheese would be perfect. Easy to eat and everyone in our family loves Grilled cheese.
    Thanks so much.

  4. I would like to try the new Bold Buffalo Chips. I want to thank you for this great sweep and hope to win 🙂 Thanks !

  5. AAUHHHHH SNIKIDDY YEEAUHHHHHH! those baked fries and cheese puffs look like they would be the best day of my life in a bag! I would serve those at a cook out and eat them animal style…face first. LOOK MA NO HANDS! lol

  6. Oh, we would most assuredly need both the grilled cheese pufs and the mac & cheese puffs. Our family eats SO much cheese…I imagine some cow out there cursing my husband and boys because they eat so much cheese! LOL.

  7. The Eat Your Vegetables would be amazing to try. I’m not a really big vegetable fan, but I try to eat as many as I can stand.

  8. The Eat Your Vegetables sound very good, plus they are good for you. We wouldn’t have to feel so guilty about eating snacks.


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