Are You A Gamer?

Here’s a little known fact about me – I love puzzle games. You know things like Bejewled, Mahjong, etc. I have never been into video games per say, but single-player puzzle games – they are my down fall. If I let myself, I can get caught up playing puzzle games for hours.

I tend to play in spurts. While I haven’t played any games in a month or so, if I get started playing again I will play every chance I get. Games on my phone are just dangerous! I just love that feeling of accomplishment when I complete a puzzle. It’s funny, but it really makes me feel like I have done something.

While my husband has long teased me about my love for Solitaire, online game sites like Iplay have helped me branch out from the old school card came. (I doubt the digital version is what my grandmother meant for me to fall in love with when she taught me how to play with a deck of cards when I was young.)

I may or may not have stopped writing this post just now to play an online game…

In addition to free online games, you can also download games to play on your computer from Iplay then you can play them even when you don’t have access to a computer.

So, the question remains… Are you a gamer? If so, what’s your favorite computer or video game to play?

I-Play Online Games

Disclosure – This post was brought to you by Iplay.

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