Going Mobile With A Verizon Hotspot

Now that summer is upon us, my family has many trips to the beach planned. Not only is a trip to the beach a great time to relax, but the two-hour drive is a great chance to get some work done. After loading up the kids, dogs and stuff into the car we pop in a DVD for K and we are off. Lucky for me hubs doesn’t mind taking the wheel, which means I have quiet time to work.

I have worked in the car on road trips for years. I used to draft post and edit docs in Word, transferring what I needed to my site or emailing it upon reaching my destination. That works fine, but I am an Internet junkie. It always seemed like something came up while I was in the car that needed immediate attention and Internet access.

Yes, I could get an additional mobile hotspot device (I used to have one years ago), but I have so much tech to keep up with already. I really don’t need anything else. Complaining to my husband one day he said, “Why don’t you use the hotspot on your phone?”

Ummmm what hotspot?

Did you know that your Verizon smartphone can be turned into a mobile hotspot? I whipped out my phone searched under settings and voila there it was. (You may need to add that service to your account.)

Hello 4G hotspot, where have you been all of my life?

This summer, I will be cruising down the highway with my laptop open and my 4G hotspot active.

Verizon Wireless Ambassador

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