It’s Pool Party & Popsicle Season ~ Giveaway

This weekend, we had the first pool party of the season. (Oh how I love living in Florida!) A text message went out in the am and by 5 pm there were four happy four year olds splashing in the pool on a beautiful evening. It’s officially pool season, and that means Popsicle season. After all, there’s no better way to cool off than with a Popsicle. Oh wait, there is…

A Yosicle!

Alight, maybe not better. Popsicles are still rocking yummy, but Yosicles… well, they rank right up there as a perfect summer treat. All the cool frozen yumminess plus the creaminess of yogurt all wrapped up in one — that’s a Yosicle.  Sounds good, right? But what do the kids think?

Smiles all around!

(Oh and moms and dads like them too!)

This one is too little to try Popsicles just yet, but she sure does like to watch her sister splash in the pool. (Maybe next time mom will take her in too.)

The kids enjoyed Yosicle Duos! in Watermelon-Vanilla and Cotton Candy-Vanilla. Duos are like a traditional Popsicle on the outside with a yogurt center. Apparently, there are many ways to eat a Yosicle. A couple of Yosicle eating techniques displayed by our pool party goers were: style number one, bite and chew the Yosicle whole; style number two, lick the Yosicle until it is gone and style number three, bite off the Popsicle part first and then eat the yogurt center. Who knew!

Oh, and after my daughter ate her Yosicle what did I hear? “Mom, can I have another one.”

Sorry K, just one. But you have all summer to enjoy them.

A little bit of technical info for mom: Each low-fat pop contains 10% nonfat yogurt and is an excellent source of calcium per two-pop serving. Yosicles are $3.99 per box (there are 12 in a box), and you can find a coupon for $.50 off on Popsicle’s Facebook page.

GIVEAWAY – One lucky reader will win a six-month supply of Yosicles (in the form of coupons) and a $50 AMEX gift card to host your own summer pool party.

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Disclosure – As a Yo! Mom blog ambassador, I have received product on behalf of Popsicle. All opinions are my 100% mine.

125 thoughts on “It’s Pool Party & Popsicle Season ~ Giveaway”

  1. I’d love to try the Torpedo. These would FLY out of our freezer in the summer – my kids LOVE popsicles! (so do I, lol)

  2. We would try the Duos!™ Watermelon-Vanilla & Cotton Candy-Vanilla – Yummy, I know my boys will love them

  3. My daughter has already tried the Layerz so I think she would enjoy the duos watermelon and cotton candy vanilla

  4. I think I will try the Layerz first. Thanks for telling me about Yosicles! This is the first I have heard of them and they would be a hit in my home!

  5. I want to try the watermelon vanilla cotton candy. Sounds like a crazy combo, but then again, I’m crazy!
    thattweetthing at gmail dot com

  6. Duo’s Purple berry-vanilla and cherry-vanilla. Since the kids love anything purple and my favorite flavor is vanilla, I figure this flavor will be very popular at my house this summer.


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