4th of July Popsicle Stick Flag

Popsicle Stick 4th of July Flag Craft For Kids

Since summer began, we’ve been eating a lot of Popsicles. Yum-Yum! In my ever-constant attempt to be less wasteful, I have saved every Popsicle stick. My friends laughed at my constant request of, “Don’t throw that stick away, I’ll take it.” But we finally had a chance to put those sticks to good …

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It’s Pool Party & Popsicle Season ~ Giveaway

This weekend, we had the first pool party of the season. (Oh how I love living in Florida!) A text message went out in the am and by 5 pm there were four happy four year olds splashing in the pool on a beautiful evening. It’s officially pool season, and that means …

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Yogurt + Popsicle = Creamy Summer Treat

Popsicles are the perfect summer treat to help beat the heat, and since we have plenty of heat here in Florida I am pleased to announce that this summer I will be serving as a Popsicle Ambassador. What does that mean for you, it means great information about new Popsicle …

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