Instantly & Automatically Backup Camera Phone Pics

For the most part TV commercials go in one ear and out the other (and that’s when I am not speeding through them on my DVR), but every once and a while one makes me pause and take notice. This Google+ ad made me stop and watch. Of course, it was the beautiful baby pictures that made me stop and take note, but as the commercial went on it was the message that appealed to me as a mom.


The gist of the ad, in case you don’t wanna watch it, is that by connecting your phone to your Google account every photo you ever take with your phone is saved, automatically to your Google+ account.


One of my many fears is somehow loosing all of those precious pictures I take of my babies. It’s a real fear that has me constantly backing up my back ups. Now I never have to worry about the photos I take with my phone, simply linking them to my account and they appear backed up in my account instantly. With the 4G LTE speed of my Droid RAZR, I really do mean instantly – it is crazy fast. Which is great since my Droid RAZR also means that I always have an eight mega pixel camera in hand ready to snap photos that I can rest assured will not be lost.

Guess who connected her Google account to her RAZR right then and there?

Google Photos from Droid

Now, that’s product integration!

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